Who is not disabled?

Who is not disabled?

SI part of the Max Award for the Best Revelation Show 2008 for "From the invisible" I dedicated it entirely to my brother ", says Irma Correa. "A work that took us a year to assemble, which had difficulty in making its way into the theatrical circuit, but once launched it gave us many joys, the response was portentous, the so-called effect worked. Very happy, above all, for the sensation of breaking down walls, of approaching, of throwing absurd and ridiculous taboos ». «From the invisible» is a collage of scenes that revolve around the world of the intellectually disabled, a collective creation of Quintana Teatro, which, directed by Rolando de San Martín and dramaturgy by Irma Correa and Rubén Tejerina, arrives at Pavón Teatro Kamikaze , with Isabel Rodes, Nacho Martín, Victoria Teijeiro as protagonists.

"The central scene or plot that runs through the whole work – Correa explains – is a pregnant woman to whom the doctor requests amniocentesis because she has doubts about whether her baby will be born with some type of anomaly. This is the question with which it starts. My brother is a person with intellectual disability and the work emerged as a creative process and research around the world of these people. For a year, he continues, the team that made up this assembly we were working with kids in special centers and many served as a mirror to create the characters, each one was contributing their bit. I put my personal experience in favor of the scene. What we are dealing with this story is to question where they are or what the limits of normality are. "

For the dramatist, "We are all people. We do not know who decides or has the power to decide what is normal and what is not and if normal is good or bad. That is what we are trying to say with this scenic proposal. All are labels that, more than humanize, dehumanize, because each one of us is a wonderful and individual universe and these differentiations should not exist when they move away from society ». And he affirms, "they are people with many values, natural, sincere, with truth and a clean look, without prejudices and very emotional. Humans tend to tag, baremar, measure, examine … My brother may be intellectually disabled, but the vast majority are emotionally disabled, we have serious problems moving around the world. Who is not disabled of something? He asks himself, we all are in some sense. Fortunately, every time they enjoy greater visibility and it is more accepted that the human being has different prisms and different ways of manifesting and that we all have things for which we are disabled ".

Humor, of course

On the other hand, it is a work with a lot of humor. "People at first did not dare to laugh, there was a kind of taboo, the public does not want to disrespect. If something seems funny, he thinks he is laughing "from", instead of laughing "with". My brother has a formidable, fantastic sense of humor. Like anybody, it goes through many states and one of them is humor, of course ».


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