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Who is Hernán Cortés? | TV

Who is Hernán Cortés? | TV

Hawaii is a bit far away Hernan Cortes, but part of the television conquest that is coming in the next few months was planned there. Óscar Jaenada I rolled Pirates of the Caribbean 4 along with Penelope Cruz, when the husband of the actress, Javier Bardem, told him that he wanted to give life to Cortés. "He was the first to speak to me in depth about him," Jaenada explains in Mexico, in a parenthesis of the filming of Hernan Cortes, a series produced by the Mexican Dopamine in collaboration with the Spanish Onza, whose first season, of eight chapters, will be released at the end of the year.

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Jaenada, formerly Camarón, Cantinflas or Luisito Rey, the father of Luis Miguel, about to win the award of favorite villain for Mexicans with the interpretation of the conqueror, has been immersed in the history books for months: about Cortés, the conquest, the Mexico of five centuries ago... Giving life to someone with no visual records has been a challenge for the Catalan actor, accustomed to plunging into YouTube to recreate many of his previous characters. Added to this is the controversial figure of the conqueror, of whom little or nothing has been taught in schools, as Jaenada points out. "Both in our school and in the Mexican one I feel that they have not told you how things happened. I think there are many shames that have to be taken from one side as well as from the other. They still cover many things and both Mexican and Spanish culture have not told us the truth about the conquest. " "They have not told us about it or they did not want to tell us about it, because the Church still has a very important power in Spain and Mexico and they have not explained to us why these sacrifices were made in the name of God."

The lack of a homogeneous story was also a headache for the writers of the series. "The history of the conquest has told us very badly, it is simplified, it becomes very silly. It's not about counting that some boats came to a strange land, the rest is to see how we do it in a contemporary way, "he says. showrunner Mexican Julián de Tavira, who in collaboration with the Spanish Curro Royo has been on top of the writing of the script and direction. "The question that worries us the most is: And who is Hernán Cortés?", Explains De Tavira about a somewhat tortuous shoot. "There is no concrete space where you can shoot, there is not a standing wall that we can reconstruct. We shot against the current. " The lack of real scenarios will be alleviated by the work of El Ranchito, the company that has participated in the visual effects of Game of Thrones.

The premiere of the series will coincide, it is assumed, with the one prepared by Javier Bardem, produced by Steven Spielberg and on which there is a greater secrecy than that of Cortés's own figure. At least facing the outside, as the two Spanish actors frequently discuss the matter. "It seems to me a wonder that Javier and I interpret Cortés, I think I speak for him too. It is very interesting, we talk about the subject, we share information ... it seems to me something unique, a gift that this profession has given me ", summarizes Jaenada.

The filming of the Mexican series has been punctuated by the letter that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador sent to King Felipe VI asking that Spain apologize for the abuses of the conquest. The actor relativizes the impact of the letter and says: "The only thing it does is put more batteries to those who work to tell stories, I think it is very good to talk about this, whether good or bad what happened", at the time that rejects that the series is going to be or has to be a definitive version of what happened. "None of us want to praise a part of history, we are going to try to reflect what we did not know, but not with a political component".

Part of the actors of the series, during the first reading of the script.
Part of the actors of the series, during the first reading of the script.

"What most strikes me is the discussion that has generated," De Tavira concedes on the letter from López Obrador. A discussion that has been accentuated, not to say exacerbated, more in Spain than in Mexico, where it has gone into the background while politicians took advantage of the letter to fuel the electoral campaign and bring out the most recalcitrant nationalism, something that Jaenada, until certain point, it gives looks like a practical joke. "To appeal to Franco already seemed very old to me. Now, appealing to the conquest seems to me already comical. My mother taught me that if I saw some fool in the street I should not laugh at him. I think we should learn something like that and stop giving publicity to people who are not right in the head ".


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