June 13, 2021

Who is affected by the new electricity rate



On June 1, a new electricity rate that will change the way of consuming electricity for the Spanish. For this there will be three time slots, known as rush hour, flat and valley, the first being the most expensive and the last being the cheapest.

The new electricity bill will most notably affect those consumers who are covered by the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer. Otherwise, those in the free market They will also be affected, since the trading companies will have to establish the fixed price for one year –in general–, although they will wait for the end of the contracts to update prices. There is talk that there may be
more than 30 models for customers.

This new invoice will be different due to the separation of charges and tolls. Thus, all consumers will have a toll with hourly discrimination in terms of power and energy.

Likewise, those rates of less than 15 kW are unifiedTherefore, the 2.0 A, 2.0 DHA, 2.0 AHS and the 2.1 power tariff between 1º0 and 15 kW cease to exist. All these become 2.0 TD with the time slots and the possibility of contracting two different rates.

Putting the washing machine will be more expensive depending on the time and day

Experts point out that the electricity bill will generally increase all consumer rates, in addition to being complicated to understand for ordinary people. What they indicate is that the price of light will depend much more on the when it is consumed than how much.

Keep in mind that putting a washing machine at 7 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday (rush hour) will be much more expensive than doing it on a Saturday or Sunday (off-peak time).

The CNMC give some keys so that the invoice comes out somewhat cheaper. The first consideration to take into account is to adapt the contracted power to the real needs. This can be changed every year. Another consideration is to avoid simultaneous consumption to reduce power.

Finally, it should also be noted that the cheapest thing at the moment is to transfer all possible consumption to the off-peak hour, or at least avoid rush hour, since there is a difference of 95%, according to the same organism.

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