Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

Who has Noelia chosen in her final of 'MYHYV'?

¿A quién ha elegido Noelia como novio en su final de ‘MYHYV’?

Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV)
live this Tuesday the first live final of this 2019. It is about Noelia, lto tronista who arrived just a few months ago and who in record time seems to have found love in the dating show that Toñi Moreno presents. What has been your decision?

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Hector, Manu or Jose, One of these three suitors will be the one who abandons the program of love at the hands of the model. At the moment things are predisposed clearer for Hector and Manu, although the last night in The House of the tronistas has made you doubt about this second. Will it be the first discarded?

Hector, Manu or Jose, one of the three will be chosen

The tronista is clear about what she likes about each one, but also what she does not like. Precisely for that reason has ruled out Vital ultimately in the chapter issued this Monday. Either way, the decision has to be made between the other three, but it is not possible to exclude the dating show alone. It is an option like any other.

For this, Noelia will not be alone. The tronista will be wrapped by theirs, companions and close friends, on a day as important as a final of MYHYV. The same will happen with the suitors. These will have the support of their families on set before what may happen. Because only one can get out of Noelia's hand. Who will it be?

Noelia and Jenni, tronistas of MYHYV.

Noelia and Jenni, tronistas of MYHYV.

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