February 27, 2021

Who gets the vaccine now?

Change of plans. The Ministry of Health joins the criteria of seven other European countries and has decided that it is best to reserve the AstraZeneca vaccine for those age groups where its effectiveness is most proven. Therefore, the shipment of doses that is about to reach us will not be used to immunize people over 65 years of age, in whom the effectiveness of the vaccine from this laboratory seems less well tested. Today it will be decided whether even those over 55 are left out. All this age group will therefore follow the vaccination rhythm that marks the availability of doses of Pfizer and Moderna.

So the question is: who do we vaccinate with that batch of 1.8 million doses of AstraZeneca coming to us now? It is also decided today, although the Government is inclined to be more sanitary, already second-line.

But we already know from experience that although the Government sets a criterion, there are autonomous communities that try to go it alone and are already talking about vaccinating professionals from other “essential sectors”. And what is an essential activity? Ayuso has already said that he wants the first in Madrid to be waiters and taxi drivers.

  • Your COVID passport, please. The EU said it did not want to establish Covid passports that would give the right to cross now closed borders to whoever was vaccinated. But there are already countries that have already said that they will: Denmark or Sweden are the first.
  • Invisible victims of the vaccine war. I already told you the other day that we were preparing a comprehensive report on how tensions and negotiations between laboratories and world powers can end up bypassing tens of millions of people in vaccination priorities. And here it is a good review of the always meticulous Icíar Gutiérrez.
  • And the data of the day. In Spain we lowered the level of contagion a bit, but we continue to regret deaths: 432 registered yesterday.

Black money foundation

The confession of Luis Bárcenas has been the starting point for a few weeks in which there will be much talk of corruption in the financing of the PP, which according to the treasurer began in 1982. The Popular Alliance mutated into the Popular Party in 1989, which is why today in the newspaper .es we tell you that black money is a foundational foundation over which the main conservative party in Spain rose. “I organized dinners with friends and raised money for Fraga (…) He left, and there I stayed, passing the cap,” said the AP treasurer at that time, Ángel Sanchis, years ago.

If (like me) you get a little lost among all the judicial pieces opened by box B of the PP, take a look at this timeline, that help.

Calvo pronounces on the Trans Law

Until now, the PSOE had used mainly technical arguments to doubt the viability of the “gender self-determination” proposed by Podemos for the new Trans Law. But Vice President Carmen Calvo has taken another step towards the bottom line: “I am fundamentally concerned with the idea that gender is chosen without more than mere will or desire, obviously putting at risk the identity criteria of the rest of the 47 million Spaniards”, has said in an interview in the SER.

United We Can and LGTBI movements around the world propose that any person has the right to change the sex that appears in the Civil Registry, without having to go through medical or other tests. In 2017, the PSOE promoted initiatives in Congress along the same lines, so that people are not required to undergo a medical examination as if they were sick. Now in power and with a part of feminism reopening debates about transsexuality, the socialists cool their position. It remains to be seen what filter or mechanism figure the PSOE proposes, as an alternative to the psychiatrist, so that a trans person can make their identity official.


A new CIS has come out with an estimated vote in Catalonia, which keeps PSC de Illa in the lead but it improves the prospects of the independence bloc. It is the second CIS on Catalonia in just two weeks, and this arrives in full campaign and without calculation of seats. The CIS has called it a “flash” probe.

The Socialists increase their advantage over ERC to surpass them by almost four points. According to experts, ERC can have radically different results depending on the degree of abstention.

Election baton. By the way, if you dominate Catalan politics and dare to make predictions, we already have active the mythical electoral baton of elDiario.es. Let’s see if you get it right. It’s complicated.


Don’t let it pass you

  • Power grid . On January 8, a failure in a Croatian substation split the European power grid in two. It’s full of technical details but it’s exciting this story.
  • Another amazing story that has to do with infrastructures. In a town in Malaga they have been drinking for 15 years water from tanks that ADIF brings them. Yes, the public railway management company. Why? As compensation for their supply being cut off with a TBM.
  • Geological kiss. In El País they explain with data, graphs and experts why and how the risk of earthquakes has increased in Spain.


The Tertullian Trivial

It’s Friday and it’s Trivial. There goes today’s card, don’t look at the answers ahead of time.

blue. In which country is the Sputnik V vaccine produced?

Brown. Who used a paper shredder in 2009 to destroy the annotations of the PP’s black payments, according to Bárcenas?

Yellow. What two candidates from PSOE and IU signed a government agreement with a common program before the elections were held?

pink. In which television program did we see Fernando Simón speeding down mountain trails by bike?

Green. What animal species has just been included as protected in Spain and its hunting is prohibited?

Orange. Which footballer had to face homophobic attacks on social media for painting his nails black against racism?

Here are the answers.

Blue: Russia / Brown: Mariano Rajoy / Yellow: Joaquín Almunia and Francisco Frutos / Pink: Planet Calleja / Green: El lobo / Orange: Borja Iglesias.


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