February 26, 2021

Who does Tokyo tell the story of ‘La casa de papel’?

Úrsula Corberó, Tokyo in & # 039; La casa de papel & # 039 ;.

Úrsula Corberó, Tokio in ‘La casa de papel’.

This coming year will be the end of ‘The paper house ‘. The Professor and his gang will say goodbye through the front door, with the denouement of robbery of the Bank of Spain. The fifth season of fiction created by Alex Pina has a lot to tell, especially with a subject whose doubts exist from the first batch of episodes: Why is Tokyo the narrator of everything that happens in the series?

Officially, the reason why the character played by Ursula Corberó being the voice-over narrator of everything that happens is a purely creative decision, since the vision of Tokyo contributed a “feminine look” that served as a counterpoint to the Professor’s male leadership.

“We felt that the series had to be balanced, in feminine terms, and to choose a feminine look to tell the whole robbery, because we wanted the robbery to be something very cold, very masculine, hence we chose the voice of Tokyo“Pina declared on social media.

Now, as the seasons go by, This explanation, despite being the official one, has been losing force, especially because he has come to tell too much information that he should not know, such as Berlin’s past and his friendship with Palermo, Marseille and Bogotá or aspects of Inspector Alicia Sierra that it is not logical for him to know.

And that is where the ‘fan theories‘. It has been on Reddit where several followers of popular Spanish fiction have shared their conclusions about why Tokyo is the narrator and that this reason will be revealed in the final season.

Fan theories

An important aspect is that Tokyo tells the story in the past, as if it had already happened. This is where the theories arise that the young robber is narrating everything to her fellow prisoners because is incarcerated. The reason she could have ended up behind bars is that she has sacrificed herself to make her companions flee.

This could be logical, because in the leaked photos of the new episodes, it can be seen that Lisbon will be the new leader and, perhaps for this, she needs a member of the band to sacrifice himself.

Another theory points out that the one who tells everything is the son of Alicia Sierra. The pregnant ex-inspector would have changed bands, following in the wake of Lisbon; others suggest that he is testifying in court.

The craziest theory, as well as one of the most feasible, is that he is narrating it from beyond, because he would have died in the robbery. Exiting the Bank of Spain unscathed is practically impossible, proof of this is the loss of Nairobi and it is hoped that it will not be the only one, since leaving the bunker that the compound has become seems impossible.

We will have to wait if, finally, Pina offers a more convincing answer to the reason why Tokio tells, absolutely, everything that happens in the series. Little is known of the final season. According to Pina told ET, it will be “a real chess game”. “It will be a strategy of war: attack and containment.” Part 5 will have 10 episodes and also has the signings of Patrick Criado and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.


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