Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Who decides on the validity or nullity of a vote?

The next November 10 the Spaniards will vote again in new ones general elections. Votes deposited in the ballot box can be valid or null. A valid vote is the vote for a candidacy or the vote in White, which is the one whose envelope does not contain a ballot and those ballots in which no candidate has been marked in the case of elections to the Senate. Null votes are those cast in envelopes or ballots other than the official model, ballots without an envelope, or those cast in altered envelopes.

Who decide on validity or nullity of a vote? Exclusively the Electoral table, formed by the President or the President and the Members decides on the validity of the votes or if it is void.

The ballots in which the name of the candidates had been modified, added, or crossed out, altered their order of placement, as well as those in which any legend or expression had been introduced, or produced any other alteration of a voluntary nature or Intentional are also void.

Envelopes containing more than one ballot of different applications are also considered void. On the other hand, if a vote contains several ballots of the same candidacy, it is considered a valid vote because the will of the voter is clear and unequivocal.

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