Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Who could be the ideal donut of Palau Ferré?

Màrius Serra does not deij to play mai, nor who is vacances. That is, “from Molts Quilòmetres of distance, in compotes to send photos of the things that I saw in those indrets Molt of Mishima and Murakami, I send every day an imatge d 'an enigmatic donut from Palau Ferré”, Explains the writer of the Barri d'Horta.

The joc el va began l’1 d’agost a Instagram –Tot that at our house, pel canvi d'orari, it was July 31 -, one of the gifts painted by Maties Palau Ferré (Montblanc, 1921-2000), amb aquest text: “Who soc? I have lost my memory and I would like to recover the ambience. What would you say in digués? Who would you thank? Durant tot l’agost, every day I will punish an imatge meva. M’ajudes? ”

To Instagram, from the quadres, Màrius Serra and els seus seguidors construeixen the identity of this enigmatic donut

The joc està tenint força èxit i Serra is surprised by “the profusion of imaginative responses that arouses ”. The idea li will come “quan Banksy it is going to take to the subhast the seva pròpia curious work sense arrive to destroy-the tot ”.

“Vaig fer memòria of the figure of Palau Ferré, the painter who cremates els seus quadres, and vaig fer an article, here to The vanguard, in contrast to your attitudes, a dubious month and a dramatic summament. ”

Palau Ferré is going to be compensate to paint quad meters of teles For a compromise that had acquired a Marxist, a cop completes the sentiment, as a protest, destroyed the one who painted.

Serra explains that the seu joc tea "a purely substitute motivation for the photos of viatges and àpats" which includes the social capitals that are given.

“Em vaig invented a petita història, an interaction, a joc literari on the identity of each tuna cadascuna gifts that Palau Ferré will paint. Ell deia who did not paint somnis, but models, and of fet els retrats do not identify with any. It is an ideal or imagined donut, which s'assembla moltes vegades, amb els ulls verds i ametllats, but that is not necessarily the mateixa ”.

That joc tindrà continuïtat? “És evident que darrere of the figure of Palau Ferré hi veig first ordre narratiu material, but I don't know ben bé on em portarà. Ara mateix is ​​strictly a joc, ”conclou.

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