Who can walk the dog in the alarm state?

Police begin to request documentation of pets as animals proliferate on the streets

Minors pulling on a dog's leash; cats that walk three or four times a day each time with a different relative; animals tied to a tree or lamppost while a person smokes a cigarette; dogs that go around the block seven or eight times a day; pets that walk crammed with treats because they go with strangers ... Police begin to request documentation of pets to avoid picaresque and that people skip the confinement.

Although there is nothing specific in the regulations on the state of alarm about pet walks, the authorities give guidelines for the exceptional situation of confinement we live in. In the first place, a minor cannot be responsible for any animal, in fact the owner must be of legal age, so now a dog cannot go out into the street from the hand of a child, even if it is an adolescent. Many young people use it as an excuse and break the confinement.

The Police can request documentation of the pet at any time, and even check its chip. If a dog, cat or companion animal is on the street with someone who is not the owner in his card, he may even be requisitioned.. This rule, which is not exclusive of alert time, and is normally ignored since the Police do not usually ask for the documentation of the dogs, unless it is a PPP breed, now it can mean up to a sanction.

A general advice for short walks only for your physiological needs; not have contacts with other dogs or people; Bring a bottle of water with detergent to clean the urine or prioritize the times of low flow, now it is added that it is the owner or authorized person who takes them to the street, and always carry their documentation on them.

There are also many older people who live with a small pet. In these cases, to protect itself, it is better that the dog was walked by a relative that, yes, must always have the documentation in order.

In the case of PPP dogs, the authorities will be more demanding with the regulations and must always be walked by their own owners, who must also have a special license and insurance.

Local police officers from various municipalities are carrying out different interventions so that the citizens of their localities abide by the quarantine and do not take advantage of having a dog for long walks or going out on the street more than necessary. If you don't want to end a sanction, complies with the rules when it comes to your pet's walks.


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