Who are the beneficiaries of the new changes in the Minimum Living Income



The Minimum Living Income (IMV) is a benefit aimed at preventing the risk of poverty and social exclusion of people who live alone or are integrated in a coexistence unit and lack the basic economic resources to cover their needs.

Currently, according to Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and MigrationsIndividual beneficiaries of this benefit can be those persons aged at least 23 years who are not beneficiaries of a contributory pension for retirement or disability or a non-contributory pension for disability or retirement and who, although they share a residence with a coexistence unit, are not integrated in her. It can also be requested by women of legal age victims of gender violence or victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In addition, it can be awarded to a cohabitation unit, as long as certain vulnerability requirements are met.

Now, the ministers of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, and Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Jose Luis Escrivá, have announced some changes in the provision of the Minimum Vital Income, which will be deployed once the Bill is ratified in parliament, and that could benefit other groups.

Child Help Supplement

Last Monday, October 18, the ministers presented a help supplement for children within the framework of the Minimum Living Income, which, in principle, would reinforce the benefit to combat child poverty and improve the situation of minors in vulnerable households.

Escrivá explained that «the Minimum Living Income Since its design, it has had special coverage for children, which can be seen in data such as that there are already 320,000 minors who benefit from the benefit and that there are practically 200,000 households with children receiving the IMV ”.

The child support supplement will reach the beneficiaries of the benefit with dependent minors, it will also benefit other low-income families, since the guaranteed income and equity thresholds established for each type of household will be raised.

Extension of the service

What’s more, the coverage of the benefit will be extended to other especially vulnerable groups. Thus, initially, they may request the Minimum Living Income ex-ward young people, people who have been under the guardianship of public entities for the protection of minors. There will be a series of improvements in the benefit aimed at facilitating the conditions of access to it, such as reducing the seniority period of the coexistence unit from 12 to 6 months to access and from 3 to 2 years for the accreditation of indeterminate life in the case of those under 30 years of age.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Migration and the Ministry of Social Rights intend to equalize the conditions of the single parent families with four or more children or dependent minors, compensation for the extra cost that people with disabilities have (greater than 65%), with a complement of 22% for the coexistence unit and, finally, the income calculation benefits that people receive for dependency, alimony or unemployment benefits or subsidies.

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