October 27, 2020

Who are hiding under the covers? ‘The debate of temptations’ discovers the identity of the couple

Exclusive preview of & # 039; The Island of Temptations & # 039 ;.

Exclusive preview of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

The second installment of ‘The debate of temptations’ could have left exposed the first couple to fall completely into temptation. The Telecinco program showed an exclusive preview of the first night of sex on the reality show, some images that will be broadcast in full tonight.

In the final stretch of the debate, Carlos Sobera gave way, laughing, to the video that showed the first ‘edredoning’ of the edition and invited contributors and viewers to guess his identity if that was possible. And it is that in said black and white video you could not distinguish anyone since they were completely covered.

Nagore Robles shared his own theory about the identity of his protagonists: “It’s Mayka because I noticed what was on top of the beds! “. Upon listening to him, the presenter stopped him from giving more clues and keeping the secret until tonight’s gala: “You can’t say yet.” So everything indicates that she and Oscar could be the first couple to fall completely into temptation.


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