June 21, 2021

WHO appeals to the responsibility of each person to avoid new outbreaks

The World Health Organization (WHO) today called for everyone’s individual responsibility to prevent outbreaks and a return to confinement in countries that have already passed the worst of the pandemic, following the spread of coronavirus infections. in nightclubs in Switzerland, where the agency is based.

“Our behavior can facilitate transmission”, so “each person must examine the risks they run and must know what the level of transmission is in their area, control their destination and not depend solely on what the government does”, said WHO executive director for Health Emergencies, Mike Ryan.

“Each person by himself must manage his risks, decide whether to fly or not … we all make decisions that can lead us to live or die,” warned the Irish expert and insisted: “We need to be well informed to make good decisions.”

The head of the WHO Department of Emerging Diseases, María Van Kerkhove, warned that even in countries such as Switzerland, which have managed to eliminate community infections, “there can be setbacks and new outbreaks”, so the alert and physical distance measurements of at least one meter.

“The virus sees an opportunity to spread between people in small pockets, so the system already in place should be used to quickly find new cases, isolate them, and track who has been in contact with them,” he added.

The experts gave new data today from a WHO investigative mission that will travel to China to study the coronavirus causing COVID-19, the second after it traveled to that country in February, at the start of the pandemic.

In the coming days, an outpost of two specialists, one in animal diseases and an epidemiologist, will travel to prepare for that mission, Ryan explained.

The director of Health Emergencies clarified that recent information from China on a virus identified in pigs with the potential to spread to humans should not be confused with a new pathogen.

“That swine flu virus has been under investigation by Chinese authorities since 2011, recent publications pertain to data collected at all this time,” he said, although he also noted that “all flu has pandemic potential.”

Asked about recent news that the United States is acquiring and storing large amounts of remdesivir (one of the drugs being tested as a treatment against COVID-19), Ryan replied that the WHO is trying to verify the information and “its possible implications. “

The organization, he stressed, “is fully committed to having equal access to life-saving treatments.”


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