Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Whistleblower Weinstein went to a premiere with him after the assault, according to defense

Whistleblower Weinstein went to a premiere with him after the assault, according to defense

One of the women who denounced the American producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault met at the premiere of a movie with him hours after suffering the violation of the accuser, according to new evidence that the defense presented today.

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Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman, delivered a letter to Judge James Burke Friday, where he shells the new information about the meeting and says he expects the prosecutor to reject "the failed case, plagued by malpractice and based on a poor grand jury process. ", according to Variety magazine.

Brafman indicates that a friend of the alleged victim spoke a year ago to the New York police about that film premiere, which she also attended and in which the producer was present, but that information was never given to the defense.

It is an unidentified woman who accuses Weinstein of having raped her in a hotel in Manhattan in March 2013, a charge that the producer's lawyers already tried to undermine by providing a mail exchange in which she was affectionate with him and alleging that they had related for a decade.

According to the magazine, the complainant's friend told the defense that she went with her to the premiere of the film and there they met with Weinstein, and Brafman questions why "a supposed rape victim would bother to spend time with his rapist." 'Hours after being allegedly raped. "

In addition, the lawyer said that the complainant tried to convince her friend to appear as a witness in the trial against Weinstein, but she refused saying that she never knew that the incident had taken place.

Brafman criticizes that the information transmitted by the friend to police detectives should have been delivered to the defense immediately for being exculpatory, something legally required, reason why she argues that this infraction and other errors should lead to dismiss the charge.

Last month, the defense tried to dismiss the complaint of another victim, Mimi Haleyi, bringing to light a text message that she sent to the filmmaker about seven months after the alleged attack occurred in 2007.

In October, prosecutors dismissed one of six sexual crimes charges against Weinstein, after the defense requested that the allegations be dropped by actress Lucia Evans for inconsistencies in her testimony.

The next judicial hearing of the producer, who faces a maximum punishment of life imprisonment in case of being found guilty, is next December 20.


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