Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

‘While the war lasts’ opens the series ‘Cine Goya’ | Culture

The dialectical contest that José Millán-Astray, founder of the Legion, maintained with the writer Miguel de Unamuno on October 12, 1936, in Salamanca, staged the clash between two Spain. He also gave the famous phrase “You will win, but you will not convince”, pronounced by the second. That was confirmation that the also rector of the University of Salamanca withdrew from his initial support to the rebels, decoupling just two months before his death from the military coup that preceded the dictatorship.

Historians and biographers do not agree on the accuracy of the fact, but the relevance of the event has given to a broad literature that includes theses, books and films. The last, While the war lasts, Alejandro Amenábar, is one of the favorites of this 34th edition of the Goya awards, which are delivered tonight in Malaga. The film, which covers the last months of Unamuno’s life, in the first months of the Civil War, is the first installment of the collection Goya cinema of the country, which brings together the most nominated films for this year’s Academy of Film awards. It can be purchased this Sunday in the kiosks with the newspaper, for 9.95 euros, and is also available on the page Collections website. In addition, there is a special edition of book, DVD and Blu-ray available here.

While the war lasts It has been one of the most nominated films in the history of these awards. Present in 17 categories, it has remained just two of the record, which it has since 1994 Days counted, by Imanol Uribe. EL PAÍS film critic Carlos Boyero appreciated her This is “a good, contained and also risky film, narrated with brain and heart” in which the emotion has not been forced.

Karra Elejalde plays Unamuno, intellectually and emotionally distressed by the country’s changes, which have an impact on her political position. The actor confessed to this newspaper: “When you face such a character, you do it with fear, taste and reservations.” Boyero stressed in his text that Amenábar “not only makes a powerful portrait of that contradictory, corrosive, torn, hesitant, sincere and honest man”, in reference to Unamuno, but also of Franco and Millán-Astray. “With Franco, he doesn’t make the mistake of making a cartoon. It would be easy with that guy with an atypical voice and expressiveness as limited as unintelligible, ”he added.

The movie director He described his favorite film scene for THE COUNTRY: a discussion that Unamuno has with one of his alumni and now a friend. Amenábar wanted to “be consistent and honest” with the two sides of the contest, that “a left-wing spectator would feel identified with what one of the characters is saying at one time and one of the rights as well.” However, Amenábar claimed that his film was not meant to be equidistant.

Each title of the collection is priced at 9.95 euros. The second installment of the collection Goya cinema it is Pain and Glory, from Almodóvar, on Sunday, February 2.


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