June 22, 2021

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost? | TV

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost? | TV

One in every three households with Internet access uses digital payment platforms to watch audiovisual content on-line, according to the last House Panel of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), published in November. Of the services that offer their own content, they lead Movistar + and Netflix. The first is present in 2.2 million unique homes and the second in 2 million. Amazon would be present in 656,000 households and HBO Spain in 475,000 (although this service is also available for Vodafone customers, which is present in 951,000 households), according to the CNMC. Since the platforms do not confirm this data. The time spent by the Spaniards to watch audiovisual content is equaled little by little in terms of the medium used: Spaniards spend almost three hours a day in front of a television screen and two and a half hours in front of other devices (tablets, mobile phones, computers …)

2018 has meant the establishment of the services of streaming and the introduction in Spain of Sky, which apart from offering payment channels and an on-demand service on demand, already includes its own original contents. All data and comments in this guide are made on December 31, 2018. This is the result of the comparison:

Amazon Prime Video

In Spain since December 2016, the service of streaming from one of the largest online sales companies accumulates more and more of its own series on its platform and already keeps some Golden Globes and Emmys in its showcases (The wonderful Lady Maisel). To highlight, own fictions as Homecoming, The Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan or American Gods. Outside of its original catalog, it currently has titles such as A Very English Scandal, Justified, The Shield and all Seinfeld. It has a large catalog of Bollywood Indian films.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

– Price: 36 euros per year, the subscription includes its store services.

– Dispositives: Smart TV, mobile (iOS and Android), tablets (iOS and Android), Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Platform and navigability: Very improvable.

On how many devices can be seen simultaneously: 3.

– Can you download content to see off line? Yes.

– Can it be used outside of Spain? Yes.

Star releases of 2019: Good omens, Too Old to Die Young, The Boys, Hanna, American Gods 2, The Bold Type 3, The wonderful Lady Maisel 3, Jack Ryan 2, Maradona… and in the future series based on the world of The Lord of the rings.

– Do you have Spanish production? Six Dreams, Small coincidences and more premieres planned for 2019.


In operation for a decade, it has several offers on its prices and bonuses. The strength of this Spanish platform is in its wide catalog of independent films and its offer of European series, especially British ones. He works together with different national film festivals to release films at almost the same time.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

– Price: 7.99 euros per month for the basic subscription, and 14.99 euros for the Monthly Plus subscription that includes three vouchers to be able to see premiere films available for rent.

– Dispositives: Computer; smartphones and iPhone; tablets and iPad; Smart TV with Android TV system or brands Samsung, LG; Apple TV; PlayStation 3 and 4; Compatibility with Google Chromecast.

Platform and navigability: Very good.

Simultaneous devices: two

– Downloads Yes.

– Can it be used outside of Spain?: The service can only be contracted from Spain and Portugal, although the EU's portability system allows access in special conditions to contents outside the territory of origin.

Star releases of 2019: New seasons of series like Inside No. 9, The Restaurant or Young and Promising. The Serie Phoenix, a European thriller, the British The fourth power and in summer, the new edition of Atlàntida Film Fest, the biggest film festival on-line of Europe.

– Spanish production: In recent years he has produced feature films Barcelona, ​​winter night, Dracula Barcelona, Jean François and the feeling of life (nominated this year to Gaudí for Best Film) and Samantha Hudson, a story of faith, sex and electroqueer.

HBO Spain

The great bet of the platform is the premiere in April of the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones, that will share with Movistar +. But HBO is the only place where you can see all the deliveries in full. Little by little he is expanding his catalog of series, both original (The Deuce, Big Little Lies, Open wounds) as purchased (The Handmaid's Tale, Mayans, The great friend). It still needs to improve its interface and navigability a lot. Fully meets in your child section.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

– Price: 7.99 euros per month

– Dispositives: Vodafone TV, some Smart TV, mobile phones, tablets, Apple TV, PS3, PS4. Yes, it allows Chromecast.

Platform and navigability: Bad, it's your unfinished business.

Simultaneous devices? two.

downloads: Not yet, but he's working on it.

– Can it be used outside of Spain? Yes, throughout the EU

Star releases of 2019: Eighth and last season of Game of Thrones, Watchmen, Big Little Lies 2

– Do you have Spanish production? At present, the adaptation of Homeland and there are several projects under development.

Movistar +

The great Spanish platform has against you that, to see the series, you have to hire a television package in which you can include those from chains such as Fox, AXN or Calle 13 (whose content also offers on demand) and fictions on the who have the rights, like Outlander, Kidding, Ray Donovan or Fuga in Dannemora. Just arrived at an agreement with Netflix to offer its customers both services with discounts, but with limitations. He has bet very hard to produce his own series, with great fictions like Arde Madrid, Felix, Shame, Look what you've done, The plague or Tomorrow. The platform has its own channel, # 0, with a quality programming and a great offer of film premieres.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

Price: Confused. It has several packages, but it is necessary to have a Fusion rate with the operator.

Dispositives: You can watch it on ver.movistarplus.com with PC or MAC, Samsung TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Philips Smart TV, Nvidia, Xiaomi, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone and Android Tablet.

– Platform and navigability: You can still improve a lot.

Simultaneous devices: You can be identified up to 5 devices, but you can not enjoy the service in more than one simultaneously with the same user.

Downloads: Yes, but not everything. And it can not be in original version or with subtitles.

Can it be used outside of Spain ?: Yes, in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, United Kingdom, Romania and Sweden, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway.

Star releases of 2019: The pier, Just before Christ, let yourself go and second seasons of several of his original series.

– Do you have Spanish production? Yes, it has its own production of fiction and entertainment. In addition, he participates in film productions.


Together with Movistar +, the service most present in Spanish homes. They premiere series, documentaries and films, own or purchased, weekly. Each time they have a broader catalog and it is easy for things to happen to the viewer if they do not search conscientiously. Your children's offer is one of the best.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

– Price: 3 plans: 7.99 Euros (Basic), 10.99 Euros (Standard) and 13.99 Euros (Premium). Study implement weekly rates.

– Dispositives: Apple TV, Chromecast, tablets, mobile phones, Smart TV, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Vodafone TV.

Platform and navigability: The most complete platform.

Simultaneous devices: Up to 4, according to the contracted plan.

– Downloads:Yes

– Can it be used outside of Spain?: Yes, in more than 190 countries.

Star releases of 2019: Altamar, Hache, Elisa and Marcela, The paper house part 3, The Irishman, Umbrella Academy, Highway Man, Triple Frontier

– Do you have Spanish production? Yes.

Rakuten TV

It began in 2010 under the brand Wuaki until it was acquired by Rakuten. It is a container of movies and series that can work as a video store without the need to be subscribed or with a flat rate for part of its programming. It has a very commercial catalog, with a good offer for children, without original content.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

-Price: Depending on the title, from 1.99 euros to 4.99.

– Devices where you can see: Smart TV, mobile phones, tablets, and Chromecast.

Simultaneous devices. 2 reproductions, although it allows linking up to 5 devices.

– Downloads: Yes, on mobile phones and tablets

– Can it be used outside of Spain?: Yes, in 12 countries. Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal

Do you have Spanish production? Yes, the movie Joy Sadness, directed by Ibon Cormenzana.


It is the last service to be established in Spain. It arrived at the end of 2017, but it has been throughout 2018 when it has begun to release original content, something that it will reinforce in 2019 with titles such as The miracle or Catherine the Great, with Helen Mirren. It offers many of the private channels available in Spain with many of its contents on demand.

Which digital platform is better and how much does each one cost?

– Price: 10 euros per month

– Devices where you can see: The service can be accessed through the Sky app for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, on the web Sky.es, on Samsung TVs and LG SmartTV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, with the Google Chromecast device and through the Sky TV Box (Sky's own device that connects to any television and also has other applications such as YouTube, Vimeo , Redbull TV, etc.).

Simultaneous devices: on 3 devices at a time

– Downloads: Do not

– Can it be used outside of Spain?: Yes, you can enjoy the service throughout Europe.

Star releases of 2019: From original productions exclusively, The miracle (premiere January 22), Curfew (premiere in March) and Catherine the Great.

– Do you have Spanish production? Not yet.


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