Which buildings with central heating will have to install individual meters before 2023



The central heating will undergo some changes before 2023. A new law, published as real fecreto last August 6 in the BOE by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, all buildings must have a individual accountant.

As a general rule, buildings prior to 1998 are required to install individual meters "provided it is technically feasible and economically profitable".

On the other hand, the buildings after that year will not have to do so since they already adhere to the regulation of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), which requires having individual meters.

There are exceptions?

In spite of everything, there are some exceptions for which the installation of these counters can be avoided.

They are as follows:

–Buildings in the archipelagos or warmer areas of the Mediterranean, such as the islands, Levante, Guadalquivir, Ceuta and Melilla.

–If the investment not profitable in 4 years, because the cost of the installation does not compensate with the savings generated in that period of time.

–That the building's thermal installation is of the type «Standard monotube», as long as they serve more than one user in the same ring.

What are the installation times for individual meters

First you have to have a budget made by one of the authorized companies. This will be free. Depending on the type of home there will be several dates to take into account:

–February 1, 2021: for buildings other than dwellings and, in climatic zones E, for buildings with more than 20 dwellings.

–July 1, 2021 in climatic zone E, for buildings with less than 20 dwellings and, in climatic zone D, for buildings with 20 or more dwellings.

–December 1, 2021: climatic zone D, for buildings with less than 20 dwellings, and in climatic zone C, for buildings with less than 20 dwellings.

–February 1, 2022: climatic zone C, for buildings with less than 20 dwellings.

In the event that the report is favorable, that the cost compensates, the individual meters will be installed and they must have assets within a period of 15 months after the budget.

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