Where to download the free demo of Resident Evil Remake 4

Resident Evil Remake 4 It is now available

resident Evil is a popular video game franchise created by Capcom in 1996. The series focuses on a group of characters who fight various types of biological outbreaks caused by the Umbrella Corporation, a powerful pharmaceutical company with sinister intentions. Categorized as a gender that mixes terror, riddles and survival, became one of the great classics from the world of video games. Currently, the saga It has 8 seasons, adapted into 80 different games, the latest adaptation being Resident Evil Remake 4 or also known as Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo.

In this Resident Evil Remake 4, players will once again be one of the mythical characters, Leon S. Kennedy. Although he is a free demo, this can be played as many times as you want, since there is no time limit and the person can repeat the first part of the game as much as they want. It should be noted that the work complete will be available from March 24th on the following platforms, where the demo is located today:

  • PS Store
  • Microsoft Store
  • Steam