Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Where there is hair, there is joy … Or not?

Is the hair beautiful? Well, each of us is an unfathomable and indefinable universe as a category. Like any subjective matter, the thing goes for tastes. What is unquestionable is that today the hairy, carpeted, is in the doldrums in our society. The contemporary beauty canon happens precisely the opposite. Waxing has been imposed on the aesthetic paradigm especially among women, in which it is not new although its generalization is. It has also spread among the male gender. In fact, the demand is such in beauty centers that techniques to suppress hair in certain areas of the body have evolved in parallel to be able to conveniently attend to the peculiarities of clients who, in general, want procedures that minimize pain or the discomfort and that maximize the duration of the treatments until eradicating the hair of the areas in question. And the truth is that progress has been made with obvious results. Today, hair removal can be definitive and painless at tolerable prices. Excessive hair in inconvenient places, which at other times could cause relationship problems or self-esteem, is a thing of the past. We are also facing a fashion that will go further. The new generations are enthusiastic about hair eradication and confess in unique percentages that influence couple relationships. That almost 60% of people under 34 are shaved compared to 18% of those over 65 describe its implementation. This is the preponderant aesthetic profile and has a minor importance in a society like ours in which almost nine out of ten Spaniards attach great importance to their image. Beyond the fact that there are currently campaigns of certain feminist groups in favor of body hair as a symbol of women’s freedom, society goes for other paths also as an expression that each of us chose to be more in accordance with our presence And in those the hair is not beautiful. Today.


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