Where there is FG does not send sailor | Economy

Where there is FG does not send sailor | Economy

Eight months have just been completed. It was on May 24 when it became known publicly that BBVA had made payments to the espionage company of Commissioner Villarejo.

He has been in jail for 15 months accused of alleged bribery, disclosure of secrets and belonging to a criminal gang. One of its summits was the X-ray of the attempt to assault the power of the bank by the construction company Sacyr (with support in the Administration of Zapatero), finally dismantled (EL PAÍS, 27-28-29 January).

From then until today, not even the outgoing president (at the end of the year), Francisco González (FG); nor the current one, Carlos Torres (CT), has offered a detailed and convincing explanation of the supposedly criminal conducts (illegal telephone tapping) covered consciously or unconsciously by the entity.

Neither the client defender nor the board of directors nor the communication service have explained anything relevant. The internal investigation opened by the bank in June has not yet reported, in a semester, not a single public data.

It has been requested by numerous shareholders, some of whom are studying legal actions. It has been publicly claimed by the European Central Bank, and more discreetly, by the Bank of Spain.

And the CNMV has initiated an "examination" on the impact of the event on the bank's accounts and on the traffic safety of the information it handles.

It is of great interest to customers, suppliers and shareholders. Nobody likes to have their conversations run from gambling to gambling or from bed to bed.

It would be good if FG and CT ended with such a long silence and explained themselves. Because in the tunnel of the unknown or hidden germinate the suspicions, and these dent the prestige and the excellence of the entity. And by extension of the troubled banking sector. Until they do not, they will not dissipate.

The responsibility to explain is yours because where there is a boss does not send sailor. Especially FG, because he was the boss when the case occurred and for his ability to keep secrets secret, even to his closest collaborators. No one should prejudge. There could be a failure of a second level, or dangerous management of the dome. Make it clear

It would also be correct that the energetic exbanquero (likewise supported by a political operation, the code office in large companies under José María Aznar), could decipher why he resigned as president on December 31st.

When he had announced that he would do it in 2019, before turning 75 (in October). Perhaps knowing things that ignore mortals preferred to step aside so as not to tarnish the bank? Failed target, the entity remains in the targets.

Or perhaps for the simplest reason, the taxation on the 80 million of the capital of your pension, which must be taxed as income from work? 47% / Mariano, 50% / Pedro, three points; each would be 800,000 savings. Or load. Rudimentary, but explicable. Explain


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