August 5, 2021

"When you go on stage, your whole being changes" | Culture

"When you go on stage, your whole being changes" | Culture

Those who have been following the career of Annie Clark (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1982), better known as St Vincent, alias under which she releases her albums, will be accustomed to impossible latex outfits, marked hairstyles and a band dressed in leotards. These days, however, this confessed fan of Prince and Kate Bush presents new album without band or attitude of dominatrix, MassEducation (2018). It is an album with 12 versions with voices and piano Masseduction (2017), which has been its fifth and most popular to date and whose sound, striking and eighties, shot to a technopop almost global (worked with Jack Antonoff, name implicated in the success of Lorde and collaborator of Taylor Swift). Recorded at the same time as the original, MassEducation offers the most intimate side of the singer and guitarist with the sole company of one of his best friends, the pianist Thomas Bartlett.

"Making this record is one of the most rewarding experiences I've done. Thomas and I did not even talk about how we were going to play the songs; we only made three or four takes of each one; It is a completely spontaneous work and it has been like rediscovering music, understanding it as something continuous: playing and recording as it comes out. There is no irony or production; these songs come from the heart and it has been like giving them a new life ", explains for this newspaper the winner of a Grammy for the best alternative music album of 2014, just twenty-four hours before an exclusive (and intimate) concert in London for the world premiere of the new album and sold out in just minutes. "I think something happens when you get on a stage. Your whole being changes; There are things that I have done on stage that I never dreamed of doing in my normal life. The music is very powerful and I try to find a way to channel that all the time. It sounds very exaggerated, but it's true ", reflects in one of the sections of the luxury hotel.

Exceptional guitarist – last year he performed with Sufjan Stevens at the Oscars and was one of the chosen ones to play with Nirvana on the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain – Clark discovered his love for music in the car. "I was listening to songs on the radio as a child with my mother and sisters. It's true that my uncle was amazing. Definitely, there is a family continuity there, because he is a genius. Nobody in the world plays guitar like him, "says Tuck Andress, half of the jazz duo Tuck and Patti. He adds that, since he has memory, he spends the day listening to music … more now that he is beginning to learn to play and mix. "That being DJ It is the perfect excuse to search. For me everything is music, there are no genres ", he explains while his last victims They have been The Presidents and Tones on Tail. "A good song is a good song, no matter the genre. Something that moves people is synonymous with a good theme. I grew up listening grunge, bands of noise, hip hop. In my case, what I try when I write songs is to make something memorable, the best song I can. I do not think if it's pop or it's not. "

In that freedom is like David Byrne Talking Heads, one of his idols and with whom he recorded a joint album in 2012. "From him I learned that you never have to look back," he says, and then clarify that his songs they are pop because they are for everyone, but, above all, they are for herself, hence the sense of having made an album with its own versions: "I remember from a very young age asking me great questions about the world, about the universe. Things for which I was not prepared, issues impossible to understand then. Music serves for that, to explore parts of yourself that are mysterious, dark, that give you fear or happiness. Making music is a language to express that which is inexpressible in another way. So, I also write songs for myself. "

Sweethearts with celebrities

The name of St Vincent was in that other type of press associated with the celebrity Cara Delevigne, with whom Annie maintained a sentimental relationship. Right after, he started dating actress Kirsten Stewart. In the lyrics of these piano songs are those experiences and feelings. "It is a fact that my lyrics are personal, but nothing is literal. People love each other and it is normal to write about it. Musicians are storytellers, it does not matter too much what is true or what is not. Love with a celebrity It is the same as with someone who is not, but you also have to deal with the idea of ​​what that person is for the rest of the world, which is never reality. What I say to my mother when she reads things about me is: 'Mom, you know me, ask me directly, do not believe what you read,' he says.


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