When will Rodrigo Rato have his first prison permit? | Economy

Rodrigo Rato at his entrance to the Soto del Real prison. In video, Rato will share jail with several party mates. ATLAS

"I apologize to society and to those people who may have been disappointed." Those were the words he pronounced Rodrigo Rato, former vice president of the Government with the PP, yesterday just before entering the Madrid prison of Soto del Real. He has to serve a four and a half year sentence for misappropriation in the case of the cards black. It was the first time that the former president of Caja Madrid and Bankia had asked for forgiveness. Rato spent 100,000 euros with opaque cards. In total, the 82 directors of the entity used 15 million euros for personal expenses for 10 years. Fifteen of them will have to go to jail.

With a sentence of four years and six months and classified in second grade prison, Rodrigo Rato will not enjoy any permission until December 2019. By then, the former vice president of the Government will have already served thirteen and a half months (a quarter of his sentence) and, if he has "good conduct" and "a favorable prognosis of reinsertion", he may request to leave up to 36 days a year, although never more than seven in a row, according to the General Penitentiary Organic Law.

It will not be, however, a benefit that you access automatically. The prison Treatment Board - formed by the director, the deputy director of treatment, the medical chief, a social worker, an educator and a head of services - must authorize each permit after evaluating whether there is a risk of leakage or that it returns to to commit If denied, Rato may appeal the decision to the prison supervision judge.

To qualify for parole, you must have completed three quarters of the sentence (about three and a half years). However, upon turning 70 next March may request it thereafter without meeting this requirement. Of course, your file should not reflect any type of negative incident and have been classified before in third grade penitentiary or semi-freedom regime. This last step must be decided by the Treatment Board -which every three months reviews the classification of the prisoners- or the surveillance judge.


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