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"When they called me a homosexual, I did not answer, why should I do it now with the accusations of harassment?" | Culture

"When they called me a homosexual, I did not answer, why should I do it now with the accusations of harassment?" | Culture

The launch campaign of Discutible, the new album of the argentine rock band Babasónicos, started in August. The circulation of some promotional flyers, after a concert in Buenos Aires, which read "Trans-Something", "24 hours" and "festival of hugs", along with a phone number caught the attention of attendees. Days later it was learned, thanks to a publication on his official Twitter, that Trans-Algo was part of the new work and that, if you called the phone that gave the brochure, it sounded one of the unpublished topics.

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The tour that brings the historic band to Mexico, nominated 10 times for the Latin Grammys, has been marked by recent accusations of harassment against the band. With long hair, sunglasses and a light-hearted attitude, Adrián Dárgelos, singer of the group, receives this newspaper on Friday in a hotel in the capital.

Question: What is the bet of the new album?

Answer: Arguably, it is a manifesto of how people think about modernity, the music industry, the amount of industrial music on author's music. How do you stand before a new political reformulation of pop music, where 98% intend to transmit slogans like 'little ass' and similar rhymes, with high doses of repetition made inside computers and algorithms? It is a takeover of the era we are living.

P: Do you relate the new ways of producing and consuming with the advance of genres such as, for example, reggaetón?

R: No, that's fashion. There was a time when there was a flood of Italian-German techno. But that was more commercial, now music is more industrial. Before, only people who were interested in listening to music. Now listen to any music and others choose playlists for you. Then, it is not understood if it is that so many millions like something or directly listen to it because they are walking to work or transport.

P: What is it like to make music in the feminist era? Are the content of the lyrics reframed?

R: I do not have to think about it because I have not received criticism and because most of the heroines of my albums are women. Like Viva Satana [una canción del disco Dopádromo] I am Rock [un tema de la obra Jessico] which is made in the first person female.

P: Do not rethink it now, but did you raise it at some point?

R: I thought about it in 1991 [cuando nació la banda]. If you analyze everything that Babasónicos did by the change in the tastes of the costumes, you can see in the history of the video clips how the dress of the woman is influencing us, because men did not dress like that.

P: Is Argentina the cradle of the new feminism?

R: I do not know. There are already beginning to be notes where there are certain attacks that are in the line of pushing back the consensus because not everything responds to patriarchy. Having a band with six males does not mean that it responds to patriarchy. It depends on the message, not just on the image. I did not receive criticism of that.

A wave of accusations of sexual harassment against musicians in Argentina ended up reaching Babasónicos in recent weeks. Three women, two of whom gave their names, were interviewed by a local media last Sunday after publicly denouncing the members of the band on their Twitter accounts. The girls, one of them minor at the time of the events, had been invited after a concert to a room where the musical group was, according to his story. There, they say, one of the artists would have pressured them to consume alcohol and other drugs, while another would have made sexual comments to one of them about their breasts.

P: And the accusations published last week by three women ...

R: I did not have any accusation of any kind.

P: They were made public in Argentina and the girls posted them on Twitter

R: I did not have knowledge. They told me that someone entered a show to a dressing room many years ago and saw something. It's a story like The Doors movie. They did not do anything to them, they do not accuse of anything.

P: They accuse that they were pressured to drug themselves, to ..

R: Never. That is a fantasy story that I do not know. Why do you give an entity an incontrovertible lie?

P: I ask if you have an answer to these accusations

R: I tell you: it is an incontrastable lie. Fantasy of the cinema rock imaginary. They have to make a legal cause if they believe that happens.

P: The answer is to go to Justice?

R: Obvious. Because if not, it's not serious. You can not go and throw anyone a garbage ball. They have to make legal causes to prove it, because if not, they are not serious about the issue, they are not really serious about what feminism demands. Do not you think that?

P: They gave their faces, they gave their names

R: Yes, yes, but they can be false internet entities. Let them go to justice and say what they think happens. Actually they are not accusing anyone of anything. They are saying something that can be extracted from the movie The Doors or The Queen. That is what I see. Nor do I have much information on the subject because I do not have social networks, nor do I worry. I have a huge career about being a homosexual, and I did not defend myself against that either. Do I have to defend myself now from things that did not happen either?


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