When the GPS leads you astray and you are stuck in a street for 24 hours

These days an image has attracted a lot of attention. It has been that of a grenadian trucker got stuck in a narrow street in the Navarrese town of Etulain, following the GPS indications. He spent 24 hours next to his vehicle, until it could be removed by a large-tonnage crane.

Guillermo, 64, has been the second truck driver in the last month who has ended up trapped in a street in this small council of the municipality of Anue by mistake in the browser prompts.

This Wednesday, the trucker, for gps indication, left the N-121-A road and ended up entering Etulain, where the vehicle, loaded with fruit, could no longer leave. "Since the GPS marked me there, I said I'm going to try," said the driver, who stressed that at first he did not trust, but "as a colleague told me, wherever the GPS sends you, you are doing well."

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A Civil Guard patrol went to the place while waiting for the arrival of a crane. The first to show up, on Wednesday afternoon, did not have the necessary power to remove the truck, so we had to wait for a large one, which managed to remove the vehicle.

Have been about 24 hours that the truck has remained boxed up in a town street, and Guillermo explains that he slept in it that night, "as always".

Despite the mishap, he is relieved because everything went well: "We haven't broken anything, thank God. Nothing has happened to the truck. What I feared was the wall, but nothing has happened." Guillermo has continued his route to Granada.

A similar event took place on October 28 when the vehicle driven by a 41-year-old Polish trucker he also got stuck in a street in Etulain which he reached following the GPS. This truck remained stuck in that place for more than twelve hours due to the difficulties encountered by the crane to remove it.