When taxi drivers wanted to be "yellow vests"

When taxi drivers wanted to be "yellow vests"

Peseto, of course, for his profession: taxi driver. Crazy, so few imagine. It is not because of his usual way of intervening in the media or because of the calls to the "war" he preaches on social networks, but because of his master in the art of boxing: Jero Garcia. "He was the crazy left-hander and one day trained told me that I would be the Mad Peseto," he confesses. Nacho Castillo, his real name, has been (again) one of the most visible faces of the taxi strike that since Monday is collapsing transport in Madrid. He knows that it represents that most radical wing of protest, street noise and barricades. In front of Tito Álvarez, his Catalan counterpart and architect of the agreement to which the taxi drivers arrived with the Generalitat to put an end to the Catalan strikes, Castillo is not politically correct. He knows it and perhaps enjoys it. "We are the ones who move the street," he said in a meeting with LA RAZÓN that occurred while his colleagues negotiated with the Administration.

He appears with his yellow vest and claims to be part of the cañí version of the movement that in France has forced President Emmanuel Macron to backtrack and focus on the wishes of a citizen who demands more voice in democracy. Taxi drivers seek to end the precarious situation that now hits every corner. The golden tide gala began with the truckers' encampment, although it later spread to other sectors converting this war into the French Revolution of the 21st century. For the moment, it has cost them one tenth of GDP. «They are our inspiration, our reference. What happens is that in France they have left a social inheritance from their revolutionary past. When someone takes their feet off the pot, the people cut off his head. That is his mentality. In Spain, the people bend theirs, "says Castillo. But, to what extent does the connection between the French yellow vests and its Spanish version arrive? "We have been in communication with them since the beginning. What's more, our partners in elite Barcelona, ​​with whom we are very close, were already prepared to collapse the border and asked for their help. Wait that we do not collapse in a few days, "says Peseto Loco, who in turn reaffirms that his fight is not against the VTC, but with the Administration for not regulating the activity. "Look, I worked as a VTC driver until in 2010 I took the taxi, but under the regulation marked, not as the cockroaches do now," he says, referring to Cabify drivers. Moreover, to verify that it is nothing personal against those who are driving a transport vehicle with a driver, he reasons that until recently he had a "novieta" who was at the wheel, precisely, of an Uber.

To delve into that connection between Paris and Madrid that has undoubtedly been key to the success of the mobilization this week in Spain, this newspaper contacts one of the main leaders of the yellow Gale vests: Benjamin Cauchy. If less than a year ago we would have asked any French citizen if this name sounded to him, his answer would surely have been negative. He is not a fashionable actor in the country, nor an influencer. However, for several months, it appears more in television programs than many celebrities. It has become one of the most significant faces of the "gilets jaunes" movement (yellow jackets, in French) that has turned society upside down. His mobilizations in the streets across the country have won him a large number of followers, but also many other detractors, something similar to what have been the manifestations of taxi drivers in Spain.

In his Twitter profile, Cauchy is defined with two words: «Citizen committed». But, committed to what? "Yes, we can consider that there are certain similarities between what is happening there (in reference to Madrid and Barcelona) and the beginning of our movement. Here, too, drivers, especially trucks, decided to start the protests. They were followed by other citizens who, with their private vehicles, blocked the streets. It was all very spontaneous, nobody was directing us, only the bad policies of Macron, especially when it comes to raising taxes, "he explains.

The key to success

Cauchy attends this newspaper between interview and interview. The different television channels, even today, when the movement of the yellow vests has taken a calmer look, continue to request their presence. It handles very well on the air, speaks clearly, with arguments. «Now they tell us that we are something similar to Podemos and it is not at all like that. We are not a political movement, among us there are people of the right, of the left, of the extreme right and of the extreme left. We all have a place, since the origin was improvised, "he argues. He, like most of the initiators of the movement, comes from rural France, where the tax on diesel made them mobilize. It is these "outraged" who have turned all of France upside down and forced Macron to retract some of his policies. Where does your success lie? Cauchy explains that "the key is in social networks, the great mobilization took place there, thanks to them many more people came out into the street". In reference to those that are occurring in Spain and that could be related, Cauchy insists: "We have not put ourselves in direct contact with them. We know what is happening, but we have not helped them to organize. Maybe the comrades who are closer to the border have given them some advice, especially to move around Facebook ». «And, you, what would you say?», We asked. "Above all, that they control their actions a lot, that they act in a peaceful way, that this way they will win the support of all citizens. It's the key". And it is that Cauchy knows very well that the violence in the streets of some of their actions has won the enmity of many French, who perceive them as members of a radical movement. That is why now they seek to "wash" their image. Nacho Castillo is also aware of this, who affirms that he has been labeled as "Facha, Nazi and Ultra, and notice that I am more of Podemos than of Vox, so they are quite wrong. They think that just because I'm boxing I'm already a violent man, but it's a lie. What they want is to discredit us. A few years ago they also said that I shot a VTC, all lies, "says the taxi driver, who for many years worked as a graphic designer and who uses this knowledge, for example, to design bottles of water that he gives to his clients. Travelers already know them as «Aquacuqui». "In Spain, what happens is that the government does not want the taxi revolution to permeate the whole society as it has happened in France, so they want to reach a quick agreement. It is a brown for them, although we are already talking to truck drivers and other sectors. Let them prepare. The success of the French has been the insistence, endure, "he says. He is willing to everything. He has been living literally in his taxi for days, "and I will do it for as long as it takes for our rights to be respected." He only needs one thing to be one of the yellow vests: to repeat that of "Liberté, égalité and fraternité".


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