When symphonic music graces the room

When symphonic music graces the room

Classical music and salsa seem like very difficult ingredients to combine effectively within the same menu. The new proposal of the Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra, called 'Symphonic Sauce'will reveal the next June 10, starting at 8:00 p.m., in the Symphony Hall of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, who do not inhabit two worlds as far apart as it may seem.

«This concert corresponds to one of the lines of our orchestra, with more popular music in order to achieve one of our objectives, which is to attract new audiences to symphonic music. It's what we did with 'México Sinfónico' and with 'Sinfónicas'. This year we have opted to premiere this show, which we had in mind for a long time”, he explains Ruben Sanchez Arañaconcertmaster and president of the Las Palmas Symphony.

The singers Marieme Abdouyale, Manuel Estupiñán and Anaé.

Secondary image 1 - The singers Marieme Abdouyale, Manuel Estupiñán and Anaé.

Secondary image 2 - The singers Marieme Abdouyale, Manuel Estupiñán and Anaé.

The concert features the participation of “four well-versed soloists” in this type of repertoire, Sánchez Araña advances. Is about Marieme Abdouyale, Manuel Estupiñán, Héctor Crespo and Anaé.

«We seek not to always use the same soloists, although Marieme and Manuel They have already participated in other concerts of ours. The four of them come in very handy for the songs due to their respective types of voice, different timbres and dynamics. Anaé opens with us, she has a very particular voice that fits very well. Héctor Crespo was part of the Vocal Samplin group for years, with which he made an international career. We found out that he now lives in Tenerife and we contacted him. He's like a kid in new shoes with the concertHe is very excited”, says the president of the group from Gran Canaria about the quartet of singers.

Hector Crespo.


The public will attend a musical journey through the history of the genre, with symphonic arrangements that give the selected songs another look. «We mixed the symphonic part of the strings with the Cuban tres, with a lot of percussion, with the characteristic brass of the sauce. All this with a repertoire that starts with the beginnings, which come from the different Cuban genres that were later mixed with African, Caribbean and United States rhythms, until salsa was born as we understand it now. Halfway through the show we approached one of the great exponents, such as the Cello Faniawhich made salsa known throughout the world, with artists such as Willie Colon, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades, among others. We focus on embellishing with this symphonic proposal some of those great exponents of the genre. It will be followed by a more salsa part, with songs by artists such as Gloria Stefan o Marc Anthonyamong others, while the last part includes songs that were not originally conceived for the venue, by artists such as Michael Jackson or the group U2», says Rubén Sánchez Araña.

On stage there will be 35 members of the Symphony, directed by Luis Montesdeoca, as well as a small choir and a band with musicians with jazz and salsa experience.

«The goal is to have fun and that people feel identified with the repertoire and lose their fear of listening to a symphony orchestra and put an end to the idea that music is not understood by everyone”, he stresses.

The president of this orchestra who, in 2024 it celebrates the first 25 years of its second stageassures that 'Salsa Sinfónica' is a concert for «dancing».

«Not all the musicians of the Symphony Orchestra will be able to be there, but those who will be there will have a great time and surely we will all end up dancing, just like the audience. We are delighted with this experience», says who defends that this type of proposal enriches both musicians with a classical cut and those of more popular styles such as jazz, salsa or pop.

The Las Palmas Symphony Orchestra trusts to spin the next few months with 'Salsa Sinfónica' both on Gran Canaria and on other islands, as has already happened with 'México Sinfónico', a show with which they played in Tenerife.