January 21, 2021

When Sean Bean becomes immortal | Blog 1 UP

When Sean Bean becomes immortal | Blog 1 UP

Beheaded Baleado. Mutilated. Eviscerated Impale Degollado. Burned. Asaetado. Any torment that the Devil could imagine to cause death, has already suffered, in life, Sean Bean. The iconic British actor, well-known for his roles as Boromir in The Lord of the Rings and Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, he has spent his film career dying dozens of times with grace. That is why he makes a lot of (grace) the amendment that the tenth art, the video game, has done to the ninth.

The videogame Hitman 2, in a category of additional missions known as elusive goal, has designed a villain named Mark Faba known as The Immortal to give a twist to this myth of the actor of the thousand deaths that has been incarnating Sean Bean since always. Now, Bean takes revenge playing an ex-MI5 who feigns his death while killing right and left. The alopecic Agent 47, legend of the video game with two decades behind him, will have the responsibility to make Faba die real and definitively.

1UP had the opportunity to interview the actor and his companions in this adventure, courtesy of Warner Bros., exclusively for Spain. An occasion to see how much he likes to laugh at himself at this interpreter who is already in his 60s with dozens and dozens of titles behind him. Although the video game now explicitly crowns it as such, Bean already enjoys, in life, immortality.


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