When Marc Anthony made the Canarian public laugh and enjoy for the first time

When Marc Anthony made the Canarian public laugh and enjoy for the first time

It was the show of the year and the most crowded that Gran Canaria had ever seen. Marc Anthony He set foot on the island for the first time for a concert on February 24, 2005 and unleashed madness among the public who managed to get a ticket. Since then it has rained, but time does not seem to have diminished one bit the affection that the Canarians show the artist, that he will return to these stages next June 6 in the Annex of the Gran Canaria stadium.

On that occasion, the "Latin party", as this newspaper titled the coverage, was in Infecar. Some 23,000 people stood in long lines to get a privileged position and some even brought binoculars to ensure the best view. If the appointment was scheduled at 8:00 p.m., More than 24 before, up to 500 followers gathered at the gates of the Fairgrounds, where they waited with "a game of Trivial, cards, pipes or a short nap", according to the CANARIAS7 story.

The musician managed to bring together several generations who, despite it being Thursday, put work and studies on hold. “Everything is worth it,” Natalia Guerra said almost two decades ago in that line. An effort that was also compensated by the modest price of the tickets: for 18 euros the Canaries could see Marc Anthony, although the resale tickets multiplied by five. The ticket for the concert scheduled for June this year can be purchased for double.

18 euros

It was the price for which Marc Anthony could be seen in 2005, although resale inflated the figure to 100 euros. For this June's concert, tickets went on sale from 39 euros on the floor to 75 euros in the VIP area.

'Marcmania' also came from the arm of his wife at the time. Jennifer López -who recently visited Gran Canaria to the filming of 'The Mother' along with his current partner, Ben Affleck, accompanied the singer on his tour. Both posed for the press and onlookers from the balcony of the Santa Catalina Hotel., where they stayed, with a very urban and 'dosmilero' style. A naturalness that transformed into full glamor at night in the form of glitter, a suit and tie.

What they did not say then was that the couple of artists did not find what they expected in the hotel room, which was going through significant structural decay before its new concession to the Barceló group and subsequent rehabilitation. For greater comfort, they decided to move their voluminous luggage to the south of the island and spend the night there.

The best and the worst

Marc Anthony arrived in the Canary Islands to redeem himself after the harsh criticism that he garnered in Barcelona and Madrid. His concerts were a real "disappointment," according to many national headlines, pointing to the singer's "ups and downs," the absence of JLo on stage and a short duration that barely lasted the hour.

Despite everything, the artist gave his best and repeatedly thanked the enthusiasm of the Canarian public, even starting the song of Pío Pío which helped him connect immediately with those present. Although not everything was positive: the tension that was generated on the outskirts of the venue due to the delay in opening the doors caused an avalanche full of pushing and stomping to get a place. In addition, the sound problems at the start of the show were notable, although they were eventually resolved. For her part, López did not want to go unnoticed and did appear in the final 'encore' to say hello.

The anecdote

  • The JLo of Tenerife
    At the Hotel Santa Catalina, where the couple was staying, the then mayor of La Laguna Ana Oramas coincided with another event. Upon her arrival in her official car, many journalists confused her with Jennifer Lopez. A small mistake that was taken with humor.

The chronicle that José A. Neketán tells of that night depicts an artist who was above all grateful, who was invited to sing his lyrics, who got to kiss the stage and whose figure came to represent the great connection of the archipelago with Latin America. In fact, today, the Canary Islands continue to be a platform for artists from the other side of the pond who want to enter the Spanish market.

"When the spotlight shone on it, the audience exploded and became a large outstretched hand," the article reads. "Maybe it was what I needed (...) that audience that before saw so far away and now so close."

After the concert in Gran Canaria a second round took place in Tenerifetwo days later, where he received the same warm welcome. Now that almost two decades have passed since the euphoria and four years since his last solo visit, it will be time to discover if Marc Anthony continues to arouse passions among the public and if the wait has been worth it.