When Lanzarote became the planet Fyrine IV by director Wolfgang Peterson

The recently deceased filmmaker recorded a science fiction film on the Canary Island after consecrating himself with 'The Neverending Story'

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He left images for posterity to movie lovers and others who are not so. Images of those that are difficult to erase from the retina, that pinch and make the human being feel great and miserable at the same time. Well, who didn't eat grief, along with
Atreyu and Bastianthe nobleman's death
Artax in the
Swamp of Sadness?

The endless story (1984)a film that includes this devastating scene, was the film that raised the director to the Olympus of cinema
Wolfgang Petersen (Germany, 1941), who
He perished last Friday at his Brentwood home.near Los Angeles, at the age of 81 and because of a
pancreatic cancer.

The director had previously stood out with the feature film
The Submarine (Das Boot) (1981) and later with titles like
Troy (2004), starring Brad Pitt. What many do not know is that just after consecrating himself with the adventures of Atreyu and Bastian
shot in the Canary Islands.

Image from the movie 'Enemy of Mine'.

Specifically, Petersen chose the island of Lanzarote, with an already very lunar landscape, especially due to the craters and reddish skin of Timanfaya, to shape the science fiction film
my enemy (1985), starring
Dennis Quaid and produced by Twentieth Century Fox.

Synopsis for 'My Enemy'

Lanzarote thus became the hostile planet
Fyrine IVwhere a human and a reptilian-like alien engage in an arduous battle.

And it is that the feature film is set at the end of the 21st century, at which time humans and Dracs (these beings between reptiles and humans, who inhabit the planet Dracon) are facing a
interstellar war.

The conflict reaches such a magnitude that both species can end up becoming extinct, which would mean total extermination in the universe. Precisely for this reason, the two beings found on Fyrine IV
they must learn to understand each other to survive.


Trailer for the film 'Enemy of Mine'. /


It should be noted that the interior scenes were shot at Bavaria Studios in the German city of Munich.

Impact and criticism

my enemy suffered a bump in its premiere, although today it is considered as
cult film of the science fiction genre. Despite this, she was nominated for several awards and even won two of them. Specifically, the director Wolfgang Petersen won two awards at the Avoriaz Fantastic Film Festival -which stopped being held in 1993-: the Antenas II Award and the CST Award.

For its part, the popular film website
filmaffinity rescues some of the criticisms published by the media about the film, most of them quite disparate. The Spanish newspaper 'El País', for example, wrote:
"Well done and very entertaining"while 'The Washington Post': "If you are a fan of science fiction, it is good entertainment, which maintains a precarious balance between the laughable and the melodramatic."

The 'Chicago Tribune' was not so kind: "Petersen creates a film without an identifiable style or theme of its own", although less considerate was 'The New York Times': "An expensive and horrible-looking sci-fi epic,
with one of the weirdest stories that have never been seen on screen.

Goodbye to Wolfgang Petersen, the man who traveled with Bastian and Atreyu to Hollywood

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