When is the pension payment charged in January 2022 according to the bank



The pension payout is a reality in this month of January 2022. This extra is paid to pensioners who have their benefit in 14 payments and aims to recover the purchasing power lost by the inflation.

The amount of the supplement is 268 euros and is usually paid during the second half of January, although as always, everything will depend on each bank.

we must also add what will rise the contributory pensions this 2022, 2.5%; for his part,
the non-contributory
They will do half a point more. Thus, it remains to be seen at what time the payment of the paguilla will arrive to the pensioners.

Payments are usually advance through the banks to avoid waiting for users.

What is likely is that most payments will arrive at the same time as the first pension, around the 25th of the month.

However, there are banks that begin to advance payments. Bank Y Cajamar they make them on the 20th, Bankinter and the Box of Engineers from 21, caixabank Y Unibox from the 24th and lastly on the 25th it will BBVA, Kutxabank, Sabadell, Santander, Ibercaja or ING.

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration indicated that the payment will cost 1,900 million euros. This figure will have to be doubled, since the same amount must be added to the part of the compensation for the budget deviation to consolidate the pension payroll in 2022. Therefore, this cost will amount to 3,800 million euros.

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