February 28, 2021

When is the 2019 Gay Pride parade in Madrid? – The province

The parade of Gay Pride 2019 in Madrid will tour this Saturday, July 6or the main arteries of the capital. This march will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Emperor Carlos V's roundabout and will end at Plaza de Colón.

In this last point of the route of the Gay Pride parade in Madrid, that will have a cortege of 43 chariots, a manifesto will be read that will give way to a great celebration that will last throughout the night.

The Government Delegation in Madrid will deploy a wide security device during the 2019 Gay Pride parade in Madrid. The National Police will control during these days those who foment, promote and incite directly or indirectly to hatred, hostility, discrimination and violence by LGTBIfobia.

Schedule of the Gay Pride parade 2019 in Madrid

  • 18: 30h- Start of the demonstration
  • 7.30pm Exit of the last banner
  • 20: 15h- Exit of the first float
  • 22: 45h- Exit of the last float
  • 00: 30h- The last float passes through Cibeles

In this year 2019, the Pride celebration celebrates 50th anniversary of the famous revolts of StoneWall In New York. In the sixties, the New York neighborhood of Greenwich Village became a benchmark in the gay scene of the moment, in its streets could act, dance and have fun freely, in short, did what in other places could not. 50 years ago, on the morning of June 28, at the StoneWall Inn bar, located on Christopher Street in that neighborhood there was a police raid that led to altercations between agents and customers. In turn, these incidents initiated a great liberation movement that would spread globally. Pride 2019 in Madrid will focus on vindicating this historic moment that ignited the wick of the LGBTI collective's demand spirit

In Spain, we had to wait 10 years to know the first manifestation in favor of LGTBI rights. Organized by the Homosexual Liberation Front of Castilla, they claimed that certain sexual options would no longer be considered crimes.

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