June 21, 2021

"When I run away I said: I catch this one," says the neighbor who avoided a rape in Llaranes – La Provincia

The heroic intervention of a neighbor yesterday saved a woman from being raped in Llaranes. The events took place around 7.30 a.m., on Martinete Street, a few meters from Apolinar Hevia School . It was then that this "Samaritan", Sergio Gonzalez, who was passing by, heard screams between a car and a truck. As you approach to see what happened, a man was found with his pants down on a woman asking for help. When he was surprised, the alleged rapist ran. Gonzalez began to follow him while calling the National Police. Minutes later, the alleged criminal was arrested in the vicinity of the neighborhood of La Luz. "When he ran, I said: I catch this one, you can't escape", explains the brave avilesino.

According to González's story, everything happened around 7.30. It was then that he parked in the vicinity of the Apolinar Hevia school to leave his partner's children there. When he got out of the car he heard what looked like screams. He quickly put the kids in the school and went to the origin of the voices, between a car and a truck. What was found was shocking: a man, with his pants down, on a woman asking for help. "She was screaming that I was raping her. Then I gave her a voice: 'what are you doing!'" Gonzalez says.

When he was surprised, the alleged rapist ran towards Villalegre. "I didn't think about it and started chasing him while he called the police. It can't be that there are people like that on the street; he wanted to be caught", explains about the persecution, which took them almost to the neighborhood of La Luz. "At the beginning he was running a lot, but at the height of Santa Apolonia he got tired and slowed down. At that moment I took the opportunity to hide and keep walking," he says about a scan that was essential for the agents to detain the suspect, which They got only a few minutes later. "I never ran so much", recognizes with humor.

The area in which the event took place.

Now, the National Police investigates the case. The detainee, who according to González's assessment was around twenty, He spent yesterday at the police station and is expected to go to court today. On the other hand, the victim, approximately 50 years old, was transferred to the San Agustín University Hospital for a thorough examination.

"It can't be that people like that walk down the street. In this case the victim is a woman and could do some resistance. But what would have happened if she were a girl who was waiting for the bus to go to school?"Gonzalez wondered yesterday.

The news of the attempted rape, advanced yesterday by THE NEW SPAIN , caused great commotion in Llaranes. No one explained how something like this could have happened, so early and almost at the doors of the school. Residents complain that there is a lack of lighting in the area and that since the closing of several businesses the final section of Martinete Street "is very dead".

In fact, in the last 200 meters of street closed premises are counted by tens. "Since closing the last bar here, everything is very stopped. I have to admit that in the afternoon, when it gets dark, sometimes I am afraid", says hairdresser Beatriz Blanco, the last merchant who resists in the area. "Well, I go for a walk very early and I've never been afraid. This is a very quiet neighborhood," says Fabiola Ramos, a client.

A similar diagnosis is made by the merchant Verónica Barrosa, with a grocery store on the same street. "I usually come to work at that time, about half past seven in the morning, and the truth is that it is scary because there is no one ", says the businesswoman, who blames this sensation on the lack of streetlight. "They should renew them," he says.

In February 2018 a similar event took place very close to Llaranes. It was in Bustiello, where a 19-year-old tried to rape a 46-year-old woman and assaulted her .


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