"When I go out I want to eat some wrinkled chips"

"We are going to get ahead and forget about this virus once and for all," she assured the numerous media that were waiting for her at the entrance of the center. She was already vaccinated shortly after 2:00 p.m., although she did not cross the threshold to stay at the proper safety distance.

He threw kisses and hugs to all the journalists with great self-confidence and energy. “I recommend that everyone get vaccinated; I've told everyone here. You have to get vaccinated, it's silly, don't even feel it. The needle is very thin, ”he explained. For the future, when it is possible to leave the residence, Ramos has a very simple wish: to go to his sister's house to eat "some wrinkled potatoes." "Not wine," she specified with praiseworthy humor in a unique circumstance: surrounded by cameras and journalists and becoming the face of a day in history. Yesterday, he acknowledged, was the "best gift from Kings in advance." In addition, Doria set an example by ensuring that she did not even feel dizzy after receiving the puncture and clapped when they finished vaccinating her. "Is it done?" He asked. "It's just another vaccine," he insisted.

The Canary Islands are facing a turning point in the fight against the pandemic after the arrival of the first shipment of vaccines on Saturday afternoon. Three GES helicopters distributed them throughout the Islands to begin dispensing them in seven centers for the elderly in each of them.

In La Laguna, Doria Doria Anatolia Ramos was the first of a group of about 90 residents. All were given the first dose of the drug yesterday. Within 21 days they will receive the second part of the vaccine. Between 7 and 8 days after its administration, it may be considered that they have achieved immunity against the dreaded virus. Workers at the center will also receive this drug throughout this week. “That they have chosen us as the first center in the Canary Islands to start vaccination is a pride. Hopefully everything goes well, it is a very special day ”, acknowledged the director of the lagoon residence, Airam González.

The person in charge of the facility recalled that the health security protocols will continue despite having been vaccinated. “The measures are going to continue for a long time. You have to be cautious and gradually recover normality ”, he added.

In 42 days

As explained by the Director of Nursing of the Tenerife Primary Care Management, Ramón Pinto, the first phase of vaccination will reach homes for the elderly and disabled throughout the island. This involves 4,400 users and 3,700 workers, between public and private facilities. The goal is for all of them to have received both doses of the vaccine in a maximum of 42 days. “It is the first time that we are going after the virus and we have a weapon to be proactive, that marks a before and after. We must not forget that measures must be maintained, the best vaccine is good protection. In this regard, Ramón Pinto stated that "we will continue with hand washing, a mask, distance and avoiding closed spaces."

The vaccine that began to be administered yesterday in all the Islands is that of Pzifer, which was approved last Monday by the European Medicines Agency (AEM). The Canary Islands will have a total of 169,000 doses until next March, according to the forecasts of the immunization campaign in the Archipelago.

Together with the health authorities and the security operation that accompanied the team of six nurses who dispensed the vaccine in the lagoon center yesterday,. There was also the president of the Cabildo's Institute for Social and Socio-Health Care (IASS), Marián Franquet.

He leads the island department that manages these facilities. “Doria has been very calm. He is aware of the historical moment that he has just lived, ”Franquet celebrated yesterday. As he said, "this is a time for hope but also to send the message: we cannot lower our guard." A warning, because as he recalled, “Tenerife has bad indicators. This is the starting point that opens a door of hope so that next year we will leave all this nightmare behind ”.

"This is like seeing a ray of light"

The nurse in charge yesterday of administering the historic vaccine to Doria Ramos in Tenerife was Ana Vanessa Castilla Martínez. It will also go down in history representing a group, that of nurses, who has fought against the virus during all these months. They have been on the front line of health and now, finally, they have a really useful weapon to protect their patients. The emotion and affection that Castilla showed is one more example of the dedication and dedication of these professionals. He could barely contain the tears. "I want to cry, it was very nice," he explained. “I have been working only with older people for a lot of years. I am a liaison nurse at the Ofra Health Center and I have suffered a lot, especially for the elderly. They have been the big losers of the Covid ”, he assured. “The truth is that this is like seeing a ray of light. Let's see if we can get out of this now, resume normal life and kiss and hug. What am I going to tell you, this doesn't sound very professional but I'm excited, "she added. A team made up of six nurses dedicated the afternoon to vaccinate all the residents at the Los Dolores Hospital. Some had to be given their dose in bed. Most, Castilla acknowledged, are delighted to be able to receive the drug that will protect them against the pandemic. “You only hear the anti-vaccines and it seems that it is the only thing there is. But the vast majority of people want to move on, they want to regain life and they want to do everything possible to be well, so that we are all well and achieve that herd immunity that is so much talked about ”, he assured. The illusion of taking a definitive step in the fight against the virus was seen in the corridors of this lagoon residence, where many of its inmates waited impatiently for the moment to be vaccinated. “As the vaccines arrive we will administer them. All our users are equally vulnerable and important, ”said the IASS manager, Yazmina León. | A. Cruz


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