Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

When God and nature laugh at us, the urbanites

Sometimes with some compassion and sometimes with cruelty, it is already said and it is certain that God and nature laugh at the pleasure of the impericia and smallness of the human being before the forces of the planet and the universe. Especially if such a human being comes from the big city. The renowned Chinese director Wang Quan’an honor and accompany those smiles in the beautiful film that premieres this weekend under the title
The dinosaur egg
, winner of the golden spike of the Seminci after its successful premiere at the last Berlinale.


The starting point is the intriguing finding, in the middle of the great steppe of Mongolia, of the corpse of a woman that apparently has been murdered. Veterans of the police they commission the most youngster of the body that watches over the body. For this, he will have the help of a shepherding sheep from the area

But what is missing in the film is the mystery of the murder, which ends up being an excuse and a vehicle for a beautiful cinematographic work full of poetry; a tape with a shocking visuality that invites the existential reflection. But there is no pretentious gravity in it, and there is a humor which puts us in perspective and somehow relieves us.

Image of 'The dinosaur egg'

Image of ‘The dinosaur egg’
(Caramel Films)

The filmmaker and screenwriter was inspired by a real fact, as he tells us in his response to a questionnaire sent by email. “I got the story of a Mongolian policeman who encountered a pack of hungry wolves while guarding the body of a murdered woman in the middle of the field,” he explains.

What attracted him to that situation was “the idea of ​​putting a city person in a difficult situation within a natural environment.” The event seemed interesting to “use” in a movie. And already the bulk of the libretto resulted from his reflections from the fact.

By living in cities away from nature, we have forgotten that we are animals that are part of it ”

The filmmaker – winner of Golden Bear of the Berlinale 2007 by
Tuya’s wedding
– Remember the famous phrase about the smile of God “when man thinks”, and says: “I think that now, living in cities apart from nature, we have forgotten that we are animals that are part of that nature ”. Which is still unfortunate considering that “everything we are comes from the nature, which will always be much wiser than us, ”he adds.

Given this, the best skill we can show is self-criticism and irony towards ourselves. “Actually –reason–, the humor it is a form of wisdom and a attitude towards life

When you work with non-professional actors, what happens is that when you search for an interpreter for a character, what you find is another character ”

All the actors of the movie are pastors in real lifeexplains Wang Quan’an. And he states: “The main difference from working with amateur and non-professional actors is that, while you are looking for an interpreter for one character, what you really find is another character.”

The Chinese filmmaker, a prominent dissident in his country, not only wrote and performed The dinosaur egg; he also personally took care of mounting. Did “in two days”, He points out. And then he adds: “I am a little embarrassed to recognize it because it can be understood that if I take a short time it is because the task is simple or I do not do it with enough seriousness.” The truth – precisely – is that the assembly is fast because at the time of recording he has very clear the sequence of the images. A meteoric montage for a leisurely, very leisurely movie.

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