May 26, 2020

When financial education in minors is not just a matter of numbers – The Province

When financial education in minors is not just a matter of numbers - The Province

Francisco Jerez, territorial director of BBVA in the Canary Islands, knew, in a matter of seconds, to win 5th grade students of the CEIP Timplista José Antonio Ramos, when, as soon as he started talking to the dozen students in the classroom, he told them that He, every weekend, had to travel to the peninsula to see his children, who live there. And so, by magic, the group of students between 10 and 11 years learned the first lesson of the day: needs and consumption.

Being with your family is the desire of any child and girl, that's why everything was rolled out during the hour that the head of BBVA spent with Gran Canaria students talking about consumption, savings, that "it is important to spend" , he told them, "but spending on what we need"? And it also taught them to be respectful with the environment, with society and with ourselves.

Cristian, Sofia, Nayla, Sandra, Ivonne, Jaqueline, Yeremy, José, Yered, Aitor and Nayan were the special audience facing Francisco Jerez, a new audience but to whom he sends the same message as the rest of the students who are registered to the Valores de Futuro program, a project known to this center of the Gran Canaria capital since in the edition of 2016-2017 it was the winner of the annual contest in the Primary category in the DT of the Canary Islands.

Valores de Futuro is 10 years old and is the first program of financial education in Spain. It has two parts, a first consisting of workshops on different topics (budget, weekly pay, responsible consumption …), and a second phase, that of savings campaigns.

"Valores de Futuro gives us the opportunity to get closer to the students of the Canarian schools and see how they think.In this class I have seen how they take care of the environment or responsible consumption in their DNA. small positive gestures that we can all make have an impact on our environment, "explains Jerez, about a project in which the participating schools decide to start saving campaigns, both in primary and secondary school.

"In both categories there is a winner of the Canary Islands and the secondary one also competes in Madrid for being the best savings campaign in Spain," they explain from the financial institution while the children of the classroom explain how they have managed to save to support a donation to Crisálida, the association of families of transsexual minors of the Canary Islands, besides getting a little more money to give the whole class together a getaway to the Aqualand.

The project of the children of the Timplista José Antonio Ramos is called 'The Grandmothers Cosedoras' with which they try that the students replace the plastic bags, so harmful for the environment, for the ones of fabric, stitched by the students and their families, who have been involved to the core in this training exercise of BBVA.

Another important value, highlighted by both Francisco Jerez and Emma Rodríguez Rodríguez, the tutor of the class, is to encourage teamwork, crucial to be citizens open not only to collaboration but to other ideas, people and even races or sexual condition "Because financial education is not just numbers," Jérez concludes.


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