October 31, 2020

When doors close, windows open – La Provincia

The sudden closure of schools in the Canary Islands, and in the rest of the country, has tested the management capacity of the educational system. The ability to maneuver, and to make decisions aimed at not undermining the right to education of Canarian students, has generated that when doors are closed, you have to reinvent yourself, and open windows.

The big window comes from the hand of virtual education, to try to reach the largest number of students that are seen with the centers closed from one day to the next. Universities and Colleges can benefit from these advanced collaborative work systems. In schools, and in Stages such as Secondary and Baccalaureate is crucial, and virtual education gives them the possibility to resume education, if any interruption.

Microsoft’s Office365 platform, through applications such as Microsoft Yammer and Microsoft Teams, allow communication and collaborative work between teachers and students, this being a system already implemented in renowned universities around the world, and which last week has integrated the CCAA of Madrid in its schools, as the most recognized virtual teacher-student collaboration system at the moment.

But it is not necessary to go so far, in our Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, the Sacred Heart School of Tafira had been benefiting from these platforms for some years. The College has shown that it is prepared to face contingencies as extraordinary as the sudden and unannounced closure of schools in the Canary Islands on March 13, before the expansion of COVID-19.

This and the fact that since the Covid-19 crisis erupted in China, the center preventively developed a CSC “coronavirus” protocol with two well-defined stages: prevention and the declared state of alarm, has allowed the closure to not caught off guard and that teachers have scheduled both the classes and the way of working electronically with students, which at ESO and Bachillerato levels is especially effective, so as not to further harm their academic training at these delicate times .

In this way, it has been achieved that, from the first day of suspension of classes, minute 0, and after having learned by the means of the closure of educational centers, the CSC students have not suffered any break in their teaching activity, with The logical difference is that they do not go to the physical school, since the CSC has become a virtual educational center without major problems, which goes daily to each home of the CSC families.

The dynamic is that the teachers and the students, from home, strictly follow the school’s class schedule, developing their subjects normally, taking a list, and sending the students the necessary study material. Interactively, in real time, students can ask questions and the teacher answers their questions. This has enabled the school to celebrate its traditional “Science Week” in a virtual way, which allows students and teachers to comment and prepare the different videos, through the Microsoft Stream platform.

At the Infant and Primary levels, and despite the age of young CSC students, the School also offers an educational response, although adapted to the maturity levels of these students.

Obviously, all this coordination effort to be able to offer an educational service in real time to almost a thousand students at the center is possible thanks to the collaboration and involvement of families.

Because when a door is closed a window opens € and this has been demonstrated by the Sacred Heart School of Tafira at this time, students, teachers and families. A great bet that has allowed the school to enter the home of all its students.


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