June 4, 2020

When does Easter 2020 start? – The province

One more year, on these spring dates, the festivity of the Easter week, a religious celebration that each year changes dates on the calendar.

To establish the specific dates of each Easter, it is taken into account that the Easter Sunday it corresponds to the one following the first full moon that follows the northern hemisphere spring equinox, with the particularity that it is never before March 22, nor after April 25.

From there, the specific date of the rest of the festivities is calculated, with the Holy Thursday and the Holy Friday as the center of them.

This year, Easter will have the particularity of being celebrated in the middle of the confinement caused by the crisis of coronavirus, and that is that it will take place between Sunday 5 and Sunday 12 April, with Holy Thursday located on the 9th of that month and Good Friday on the 11th.


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