June 24, 2021

When Antón Reixa was in a coma in Michigan | Culture

When Antón Reixa was in a coma in Michigan | Culture

On October 27, 2016, Antón Reixa He was heading to Madrid on the A6 at a speed non sancta. At the height of Villalpando (Zamora), aware that he was overcome by fatigue, he sought a place on the shoulder to recover, but the dream was ahead of him. He left the highway. The medical part was broken: open fracture of the tibia and fibula, fracture of the calcaneus, L2 vertebra, a dozen broken ribs, pulmonary contusion with danger of respiratory collapse, so it was advised the induction of coma. That day, in a cereal field in Villalpando, he died the Anton Reixa born in Vigo in 1957, who always accompanied the qualification of multifaceted (poet, musician, film director, audiovisual producer, president of the SGAE …) and after 18 days in Michigan, or so he believed, the Reixa writer was reborn. The book that he started writing in convalescence, Michigan, maybe Michigan,now comes to light (Círculo de Tiza, in Spanish, Edicións Xerais, in Galician). Last Wednesday, he reviewed the process, the healing and the writing process, traveling by car, on the AP9, from A Coruña to Santiago.

"To me, being a writer always seemed like a condemnation, with the feeling of wasting time, instead of dedicating it to writing your complete works," he begins, in the darkness of the back seat, while his partner drives. "I had it easy here. I started one afternoon, when I was in the nursing home, in a wheelchair. It was a kind of test to see if he was able to write, "he says. The geriatric is literal. NHe needed to live in a residence while they adapted his house for the needs of someone in a wheelchair.

– Did he really think he was in Michigan?

-Yes, although I was surprised that people spoke so much in Galician. I have the theory that each of us has a culturally altered subconscious. My delirium in that state of chemical unconsciousness was that of a poet, which comforts me, because it shows that there is a certain authenticity in what I wrote all these years. As soon as I woke up, I told the doctor: 'I welcome the Geneva Convention for astronauts injured in combat'. That code of mine of the absurd was authentic.

The creator maintains that he came out comforted from the experience. "The accident was on October 27. On January 10, 2017 I return home and in a business video conference I realize that I am ruined, and that's where my career as an audiovisual entrepreneur ends, as well as losing all my assets. Months in a wheelchair, very cold – the cold is greater when you do not move – and when I go into a coma we are in the US election campaign, and when I leave, Trump is president, and I see him on TV signing delirious decrees . All that makes up a tragic element that adds to that absurdity. "

A balanced look

Of course, the story does not seem very comforting. "They are texts that try to transmit a little hope to whoever is in this situation, to recognize the importance of family treatment, of professionalism. When I left the asylum, I thanked the person who showered me every day and she told me that it was not necessary, that she was very happy, because she was the first one who left there better than she entered. Since you save life you have a much more balanced look ".

This is the first time that Reixa ventures into the narrative. "Or at least I think it's narrative, that I had something consistent to tell. Then I was professionalizing that outburst and later, as is normal in me, I was sophisticated and complicated things: a 30-minute video, an installation … ", he adds. Last Wednesday, the car took Reixa to Santiago precisely to close the installation he calls Anniversary exhibition, which closed 18 days after opening, on October 27. There he also distributed the Michigan Daily, a brochure with the cover news of the 27-O of 2016 and 2018 commented by him.

Whether narrative or not, for Antón Reixa Michigan, maybe Michigan It is the beginning of a literary commitment. "I worried about being a singer, film director, audiovisual producer, writing theater, but in the end I want to vindicate myself as a writer and poet, which is perhaps the least considered of me", he reflects already entering Compostela. "I made a mental account, the result of which I will not tell you, of how many books I will have time to write from here to die. I can become a bondage, or make someone happy. "


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