July 30, 2021

WhatsApp tests the 'Picture in Picture' function on Android – The Province

WhatsApp has tested the 'Picture in Picture' (PiP) feature, whichallows you to view videos in superimposed windows within the 'app', for YouTube, Instagram and Facebook content on Android devices.

The 'Picture in Picture' mode is already operational in the beta version v2.18.301 of WhatsApp for Android, as the Android Police portal has warned, after testing it in its beta application for iOS and adding it, although not operationally, in previous versions of the 'app' for Android.

To use this function you have to click on the 'play' button present in the videos, after which it will start and move to the top of the conversation. The user can move the tab to the area of ​​the screen that he wishes to continue with his activity.

The video can be opened in the application from which it is sent, whether it's Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. At the moment, 'PiP' does not work with Twitter or with content shared directly from WhatsApp, according to Android Police.

The 'Picture in Picture' function requires that the preview be loaded in order to work, although the video link appears in WhatsApp, so when you click, it automatically accesses its source platform.

Version v2.18.301 of the WhatsApp beta program integrates this new feature and anyone who wants to try it has to be registered in that program and get the latest version.


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