June 4, 2020

WhatsApp tests a function to add contacts with QR codes – La Provincia

The messaging applicationWhatsApptry a new function, located in your settings, which introducessupport for the use of QR codes that can be shared with other peopleand that allow you to add contacts quickly.

This feature is currently in the testing phase.and WhatsApp has incorporated it into the latest betasof its mobile service with iOS ( and Android (2.20.171) operating systems, as the WABetaInfo portal has warned.

The WhatsApp QR codes function is foundin the app settings, and by clicking on the code thumbnail you can access a section from whereit is possible to share each user’s personal QR code with other people.

This QR code allows you to add other people as WhatsApp contactsquickly, and includes the phone number. Users have the option to revoke a QR code unlimitedly, so that the previous codes stop working and a new valid one is generated.

Also, the WhatsApp QR codes sectionIt also includes a scanner with which users can quickly read other people’s codes..


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