September 27, 2020

WhatsApp take legal action against those who abuse the mass messenger – La Provincia

The applicationWhatsapphas announced that since this month of December will take legal action against those users who abuse mass and automatic messaging in the application.

WhatsApp offers an instant messaging service that allows its users to send the number of messages they want for free. There are several cases in which users want to make the most of this service and take advantage of it through the distribution ofmalicious linksor to promote your idea or business.

For this they use techniques such as mass, automatic or 'messaging.spam'. These methods violate the terms of service of the 'app' and as announced by the company in its questions and answers section, as of December 7, it would begin to sue people who carry out these practices.

But due to end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp does not have access to the content sent between sender and receiver. However, they have found other ways to discover these users. The company has developed advanced machine learning systems that are dedicated to blocking these accounts 24 hours a day.

Detection occurs in the three scenarios the account faces: registration, while sending messages and through the 'feedback'given by users when blocking or reporting certain accounts.

WhatsApp also finds users who perform these abuses through information outside the platform. The company has already detected several cases in which the user has publicized that he performs this type of practice on some platform outside the 'app'.


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