Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

WhatsApp Not Working - A Good Alternative!

WhatsApp Alternative

WhatsApp has become unreliable to say the least! There is a superb alternative that is free and browser based.

If you use WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, you will know that recently they have become unreliable with constant downtime and messages not being sent or received. It seems that Facebook, who own WhatsApp, are having some really difficult times as all their services have gone down at least 5 times since March for hours on end.

Now if you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp, try Online Video Call. A browser based video and text messenger service that allows one to one and group video chats. Free to use and no signup required. Go to the site, choose a chat version and send your personal link to those you want to chat with. It is simple, free and uses peer to peer technology, the faster your internet, the higher the video quality.

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There does not seem to be any limits with Online Video Call, so it is well worth a shot!

Visit Online Video Call at and start messaging your family and friends for free without the need for an app or software download!


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