September 27, 2020

WhatsApp limit the self-destruction of messages only to groups – La Provincia

Messaging applicationWhatsapp ckeep working on a function that will allowsend messages that delete themselvesafter a certain time, and in its latest beta for iOS, it has been announced that message self-destruction will be usedOnly for groups.

WhatsApp unveiled the function of messages that self-destruct last October, initially known as’messages that disappear‘. With this feature, the user can select to have their messages automatically deleted in certain periods of time: one hour, one day, one week, one month or one year.

Now, the WABetaInfo portal has warned in version of the WhatsApp beta for iOS that the function becomes known as ‘delete messages’ and that it can only be used in groups,not so in individual chats, as it had been shown in previous betas.

The self-destruction of messages thus becomes a tool with themain purpose of cleaning the content of the groupswith a lot of activity, being able to activate it to save space on the device.

Users who want to use it will have to create group chats, in which the administrator is the one who can activate or disable this function, although at the moment it is not present in the stable version of WhatsApp.


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