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Whatsapp Instagram: Relays in the dome of Facebook after the drift of the social network, the global fall and criminal investigation | Technology

Whatsapp Instagram: Relays in the dome of Facebook after the drift of the social network, the global fall and criminal investigation | Technology

After the biggest drop in the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp On Wednesday, the criminal investigation opened in the United States for data management and changes in the policy of the company Mark Zuckerberg, this has announced in a communication to its employees the resignation of two of its main and historical directors: Chris Cox , product manager, and Chris Daniels, WhatsApp business manager. Although it has not been announced who will assume the functions of Cox, Daniels will be replaced by Will Cathcart, responsible for the mobile application of Facebook, whose position will be filled by Fidji Simo.

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Cox has been one of Zuckerberg's main collaborators for more than a decade, when he started as an engineer and has formed the teams that have led the main products of the company. The company's top executive says in his letter to the employees that Cox had expressed his desire years ago to "do something else", but that he had remained to face the plans designed in 2016.

However, after a black month for the company due to the worldwide drop in the service of its three main products (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp), attributed to a technical failure arising from changes in the servers, and the opening of a federal criminal investigation in the United States for the data management after the agreements with the main technology companies, Cox, in the words of Zuckerberg, "has decided that now is the time to take a step back".

The resignation of Cox and Daniels also coincides with changes in the orientation of Facebook, which will focus on becoming a private messaging platform, with encrypted communications and linked to the other products of the company. "This will be a great project and will need enthusiastic leaders to see the new direction," Cox said in his farewell note. The company has referred to the two releases as an explanation for the resignation.

Chris Daniels
Chris Daniels

In the same context there has been the relay of Chris Daniels, who has led the team of business development, access to networks through and, primarily WhatsApp. In front of this application will be Will Cathcart, an expert in security and who will be responsible for the privacy of messaging services. Daniels replaced Jan Koum after his resignation due to differences with the board of directors of Facebook last May.

"As we have not yet decided the basic direction of our family of applications for the next few years, I do not immediately plan to appoint someone to take on the role of Chris [Cox]"Argues Zuckerberg in his letter. In this way, the company's management is formed by Fidji Simo as head of Facebook, Adam Mosseri on Instagram, Stan Chudnovsky on Messenger and Will Cathcart on Whatsapp, who will report directly to the CEO.


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