April 10, 2021

WhatsApp erased conversations and old photographs from Monday | Technology

WhatsApp erased conversations and old photographs from Monday | Technology

An agreement signed between Google Y Whatsapp could end with the elimination of all messages, photographs and videos that were not properly supported on Android phones. The popular messaging application has warned through its website that as of this November 12, backup copies of Whatsapp they will not count in the storage space of Google Drive, an excellent news for the users of the platform, but that if the pertinent measures are not adopted, it can finish with the old messages eliminated forever.

In this way, all those messages with more than one year old that have not been stored manually on the disk in the Google cloud, will be completely eliminated from the current support of the platform. Does this mean that you will lose everything before a year if I do nothing? No, the information not supported will remain in the device that we are using, but if we change the mobile phone or the one we use breaks down, the backup used to date will be erased and we will not be able to recover the information.

How to avoid erasing everything

WhatsApp deleted from this Monday the conversations and old photographs

What must be emphasized is that this decision would only affect Android users, since the owners of the iPhone have the support of iCloud (as long as they have enough space in the cloud). How can you prevent everything from being erased? You have to manually activate the backup in Google Drive and for this we must go to Settings / Settings / Chat from the Android device itself and make the first backup by hand when connected to a WiFi network.

It is also important to remember to activate the "Include videos" box if we also want to store the videos that have been sent to us through the popular messaging application. Once this is done, the backup copies will be automatic again without any additional action on the part of the user. This is an excellent decision on the part of WhatsApp since it frees the user from storage problems, but yes, it should be noted that a high toll is paid for it.

As you know, WhatsApp messages have a point-to-point encryption that guarantees that the communication can only be read by the interlocutors; well, when you carry out the backup in Google Drive, that encryption is lost, with which this information is more vulnerable and susceptible to an improbable attack of hackers.


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