Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

WhatsApp disappears from the Android app store

Something strange has happened with WhatsApp and the Google app store. The popular messaging application not available At the time of writing these lines. So it is not possible to download it from no Android device, although it is possible to download updates if we have it installed.

That is why if we decide to change our phone SIM card to one that does not have the app or configure a new one, we must know that it will not be possible for the moment to install WhatsApp. The causes of the disappearance of this application are unknown. Though those who have it installed can use it without problems.

There is a possibility to install WhatsApp if we have already installed it before

WhatsApp not issued any clarification about this neither on his Twitter account nor on his website. Nor has Facebook, which owns the messaging service, said anything about it. In recent days he had warned of a security breach in the system of sending gifs through WhatsApp.

This could be one of the causes that the application has been removed from the Google store. But the truth is that there is no security, since WhatsApp has previously experienced security problems that have been corrected by an update without the application disappearing from the most popular application store on the planet.

Despite this there is a possibility to install the WhatsApp app if we have already installed it previously on any Android device. When entering the Play Store we must go to the section My applications and games, once inside we must access Collection. We can see all the apps we have installed and reinstall them. Among them WhatsApp.

There is a possibility that a security breach was the cause of WhatsApp not being available

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