WhatsApp confirms multi-device support for four devices

WhatsApp prepares different improvements in its service.

WhatsApp prepares different improvements in its service.

WhatsApp works on new features that will reach users soon, such as a new mode that will activate temporary messages for all conversations, and the multi-device support for up to four computers, including iPad.

The person responsible for the WABetainfo portal, known for sharing WhatsApp news in the beta version before its launch to the general public, has had the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and with the executive director of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, on the news that will come soon to the messaging application.

One of these new features is a new mode for temporary messages. Currently it is possible to activate the function that allows to establish a time frame so that the messages of a certain chat disappear automatically.

The new mode, if activated, will implement temporary messages in all chats at once, which will make the WhatsApp experience "ephemeral", as Zuckerberg has pointed out. All messages will automatically disappear after seven days.

And in relation to the disappearing contents, there will also be another function, 'watch once', which will automatically delete photos and videos when the receiver has viewed them, although the possibility of taking screenshots will be maintained.

Both the temporary messages mode and the 'see once' feature will be coming to WhatsApp beta participants soon. The company hopes that these developments will make WhatsApp messages "more private and secure."

Another novelty has to do with the multi-device support of WhatsApp. This is a function in which the company has been working for a long time, which It will allow you to use the WhatsApp account on another device other than the main mobile, without having an active internet connection on this.

Zuckerberg has indicated that it has been "a great technological challenge", but also that they have already solved it and that they hope to launch it soon. Specifically, Cathcart has confirmed that multi-device support will hit a public beta "within a month or two."

With multi-device support, messages will maintain end-to-end encryption, and users will be able to use the same account on up to four devices, including iPad.


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