July 29, 2021

'What's your name?', A look at mutant love | Culture

'What's your name?', A look at mutant love | Culture

The question, apparently casual, with which Candela and Eva begin their relationship is also the title of What is your name?, the debut film by the Spanish director Ruth Caudeli. The film, with a feminine accent, a language full of Colombianisms and a look away from stereotypes, accompanies in intimate settings of Bogota the intimacy and, ultimately, the wear and tear of a love that transforms with the passage of time.

"It is conceived to try to de-label in all aspects", points out with a softened, barely perceptible accent, Caudeli, who arrived more than five years ago to Colombia, pushed by the economic crisis in Spain and motivated by the cinematographic projection that he attributed to his destiny. In a conservative country, with a Catholic tradition and still engaged in debates about equal marriage and adoption, What is your name? "It seeks to break with that of feminine, masculine, and with taboos or clichés towards same-sex couples".

It portrays the metamorphosis of a couple with whom anyone can feel reflected. "The way we represent relationships can have an influence," reflects the Valencian filmmaker, who has written and directed several short films, about the air of activism with which the film can be read, both for the feminine empowerment and for the naturalization of same-sex couples The filming took four tight weeks in Bogotá at the beginning of 2017.

Eva (Silvia Varón) and Candela (Alejandra Lara) walk their relationship through recognizable places in the Colombian capital such as Torre Colpatria, the Transmilenio station of the National Museum or the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, which enthusiastically supported the project and where Caudeli dictates the classes of actors management and camera management. The soundtrack is on behalf of the Bogota group V for Volume with Amnesia Lessons, the main theme.

In fiction, the cinema is the backdrop. Eva is an actress and Candela a filmmaker and teacher, which makes it inevitable to stop at autobiographical winks. "It is not an exact x-ray of my life, but of events that have happened to me, also of observations of other couples, both heterosexual and same-sex," Caudeli concedes.

The film, produced by Ana Piñeres, premiered on November 1 in theaters in Colombia. I had already started at the Outfest in Los Angeles a tour of the festival circuit such as the NewFest in New York or LesGaiCineMad from Madrid. In the middle of the month he will go to Mix Brazil, an appointment that can acquire a vindicating tone of the diversity before the rise of the misogynist and homophobic discourse of Jair Bolsonaro for president.


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