February 27, 2021

What you should take care of to sell your house in summer


Summer has started recently and almost everyone is thinking about vacations. However, others will take advantage to put their house on point and dump it to the market to sell it. The summer season is a good time for this type of operation. Although many leave, many others stay and take advantage of free days to visit houses for sale, although it is likely that the final decision will not be made until September. Start up these tips from pisos.com to sell your house while the sun tightens:

1. Cancel your plans … or not: Either you go on vacation or you stay near the property you want to sell to attend the visits and close the sale as soon as possible. The potential buyers are unpredictable, and you must be clear that you have to attend them when it suits them. It can be in the morning, in the afternoon, on a weekday or on a weekend. If you do not want to give up your summer break, go to a real estate agency to be responsible for the selection and commercial visits.

2. That does not enter the heat: Outside makes a sun of justice, but inside the temperature should be pleasant. There is nothing more uncomfortable for a person interested in buying than to receive a heat stroke immediately after opening the door. It will not be fixed in the details, it will not attend to the explanations. He will be willing to leave at the start. Make sure that the blinds and awnings are lowered. Come ten minutes before the visit to open the windows a little and ventilate the minimum to renew the air.

3. Comfortable thermal feeling: The air conditioning must be turned on when commercial visitors are received in a flat for sale, but it is essential that there is no thermal shock with respect to the heat that is made outside in the street. Choose a comfort temperature to make the tour of the house, and make sure in advance that the split does not make too much noise and the filters do not smell bad. It will be perfect if you have a jug of water with ice and lemon or cucumber ready.

4. A luxury terrace or garden: The summer night breeze is an incentive in the floors with terrace or in the houses with garden, for that reason they must be taken care of. Even if your balcony is small, it surely has the potential to become a corner where to dine in summer with a small table, a couple of chairs and some decorative elements. If it is a villa with a pool, it should be ready to take a dip, and all the surrounding vegetation should look great.

5. Without external signage: Unfortunately, summer is also the favorite time for friends of others to make their particular August. If you go on vacation but have delegated the management of the sale in an agency, try to have the house monitored. If you are going to personally entrust it, the most advisable thing is that you go there every day so that you can notice that there is movement. Remove the poster 'Se vende' so as not to encourage the possible cacos.


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