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What you need to know before going on vacation

Renta 2018: Lo que necesitas saber antes de irte de vacaciones

The Week
Santa and with it the holidays of many of the taxpayers. But the Bell of the Rent
2018 keep going. If someone is going to do and present the declaration Before disconnecting, you should keep in mind a few basic notes. The best thing to disconnect completely is to go with the declaration of the IRPF to Estate closed.

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The first thing is to know if we are obliged to do it or not. For example, if our annual salary is less than 22,000 euros from a single payer, we will not be obligated. But there are more situations that exempt us from presenting it: to know them, you only need to visit the website of the Tax Agency.

Income 2018

The new Renta Web portal and the new version of the 'app' are some of the novelties of this campaign

Speaking of webs, the new Renta Web portal that launched in March the AEAT is one of the main novelties of this campaign. From it you can consult the fiscal data, obtain the reference number and perform a simulation of the declaration. In addition, you can also access the most important procedures of Renta 2018. It is similar to the new version of the mobile application of the Tax Agency.

In both ways we can access the draft, one of the 'key' figures of this whole process. You will have to review it and see that all the information is good, because there may have been changes in our lives that the Treasury has no idea. And they can be beneficial in our statement.

Income 2018

One of the most important deductions is the new one thousand euros for nurseries for working mothers

Some of these changes can translate into a deduction, something that must be taken into account because they will help us to get our return to return. One of the most important is the new deduction of one thousand euros for nurseries for working mothers.

But,and if in the end I was wrong? The ruling is easy to reverse: depending on the type of damage, a complementary declaration or a self-assessment rectification must be made.

Income 2018

There is time to make and present the Declaration of Income 2018: the term ends on July 1

It is worth reviewing everything and, in case of error, fix it. These are some of the keys for the declaration to return. Beyond the deductions, there are other aspects on which you have to put your eye to get the Treasury to return something. Trust in the app de la Renta 2018, for example, is an option.

For that, tranquility. There's time. So much so that the deadline to submit the declaration does not end until next July 1. For those people who prefer to do it in person, you can request a prior appointment on May 9. The attention in offices will be launched on the 15th of the same month. These are some of the key dates that must be taken into account.

Regarding money, the Tax Agency has a maximum of six months since the deadline for the voluntary submission of the IRPF to return it.

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