What would you do if you found yourself a tenth of the 2018 Christmas Lottery? Christmas Lot 2018

TheExtraordinary Christmas Raffle It is around the corner. Most participants already have one of the lottery tenders, although there will be cases in which they have not yet beenbought no number and there will even be people who will not have plans to buy tickets for the 'Gordo'. However, what will the latter do if they run into a tenth prize on the street?

One in two Spaniards (53.83%) ensures that, if a graceful tenth was found on the street in the Extraordinary Draw of theChristmas lottery, he will keep it and collect the prize, according to the survey carried out by the Sondea Institute for Securitas Direct.

The results of this research indicate that, by Autonomous Communities, the citizens of the Valencian Community are the ones who in a greater percentage will remain the ticket (63.38%), compared to the Asturians, who are the least (32.61%) ).

Asked aboutwhat will they do in the case of finding a wallet on the street, almost three out of four Spaniards (73.71%) state that they will return all the contents of the portfolio, while one in four will keep the money and return only the documentation (23.16%). In addition, 3.14% say that they will keep the money and disengage from the rest.

On the other hand, in the case of seeing in the street or in a shopping center how a person falls 50 euros, 85.01% of Spaniards affirms that it will be returned, while 14.99% will hide, he will take them and keep them.

In relation to solidarity, three out of four Spaniards (76.34%) think thatevery time you are losing more the navideo spirit of helpingto the people most in need, compared to 23.66% who think otherwise.

The survey, with a sampling error of +/- 2.2%, was carried out on a sample of 2,009 individuals resident in Spain between 30 and 65 years of age, selected proportionally to the Spanish population quotas according to the sex, age group and autonomous community.


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